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Dodgers: Stan Kasten Talks Stadium Renovations Update Amid Shutdown

One of the concerns for Dodgers fans, other than the obvious, has been stadium renovations for 2020. Major League Baseball has of course suspended operations, but that has not stopped construction workers from working tirelessly around the clock.

From the looks of it, that tireless work is paying huge dividends. 

Now, with work continuing amid the shutdown and California’s Stay at Home order in effect, Dodgers’ Team President Stan Kasten gave an update on the project. 

All of the different contractors are observing all of the CDC requirements. So work is continuing.

He added that recent rains and restrictions on the size of work crews and social distancing recommendations have slowed things down though.

Despite work slowing down, Kasten remains confident that the Dodgers will have the stadium ready for when play resumes, whenever that may be.

We always thought it would be ready when we had a game to play. We still believe that. It’ll be ready when we play again.

That still remains to be seen.

Things became a lot more complicated for the city of Los Angeles after the Mayor issued that ‘stay at home’ order on Thursday evening, requesting citizens to only go outside when necessary.

Whether the ballpark renovations will be done in time relies entirely upon when baseball gets to start back up again. Los Angeles was set to host the Angels in an exhibition Freeway Series this weekend. The plan a few weeks ago was to play the games without fans in the pavilions, as they were still not on track to be ready for play.

Now? There might be too much time, at least in the eyes of Dodger fans.

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  1. I am currently working on the Dodger Stadium renovation. I can tell you first hand that crew sizes have not been reduced (there was at least 300 workers on site this past Saturday) , nobody is observing the 6’ separation recommendation ( you can’t even if you try) . Even though the stadium has multiple bathroom facilities we are being forced to use porta potties that are poorly kept up with no hand sanitizer. We are all being pushed to complete a stadium that will sit empty for at least the next 8 weeks. There are over one million construction workers in the state of California that are continuing to go to work because “all” construction has been deemed exempt from the California Stay at Home Act. This is not essential construction folks, everyone is being put at risk for allowing this to happen.

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