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Dodgers: Steve Sax Talks Benefits of the Justin Turner Deal

The Dodgers re-signing Justin Turner to a new deal this week might be one of their biggest moves of the offseason. Los Angeles obviously signed Trevor Bauer to a massive deal, which will no doubt help in their quest to go back-to-back. 

But adding a player with Turner’s resume back into the lineup is huge for the Dodgers. JT is a big part of what has made them such a successful team over the years, culminating in a World Series win in 2020.

Coincidentally, the contracts that the Dodgers gave Justin Turner and Trevor Bauer will like expire at the same time. Bauer has an option for a third year that pays just $17 million, leaving little doubt he will opt out of his last season. Turner’s contract has a team option for a third year, but the next 2 years will dictate if that is exercised. 

Former Dodgers second baseman Steve Sax recently talked about the addition of JT and what that does for them. Sax made an appearance on MLB Network Radio to talk about the signing. 

Yeah, I think that was a good move and there’s also a team option for a third year. I think this is great, Justin Turner fits in perfectly with them. The Dodgers don’t have to go out so far on the limb. It’s two years and then they’ll give him an option if they want to pick that up on the third year. It’s not so odd that you see this contract runs along the same line that the contract with Bauer goes.  

The money that could be coming off the books following the 2022 season could be huge. Just between Bauer and Turner, the Dodgers could find themselves with a  ton of flexibility. That leads us to wonder whether the timing of those contracts was by design. 

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Between Bauer and JT, the Dodgers are in a serious win-now mentality. Those contracts make them a real World Series contender for the next 2 years while also giving them financial flexibility beyond those years. Andrew Friedman, you are brilliant. 

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  1. Unless I’m missing someone…the Dodgers have/had 4 large “Heart & Souls/Spirits”….J.T, Joc, Kiki & Mookie….You have Mookie…….With the other 3 gone it would have been missing a ton of SOUL not to mention HomeRuns, etc. The power they weren’t about to replace by one guy! Sooo It’s Great to have Turner Back…& let’s hope Bauer Pitches Well & keeps his mouth shut!

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