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Dodgers Team Up With LeBron James to Set Up Voter Polling Site at the Stadium

The Dodgers and LeBron James are teaming up to bring voter services to the Los Angeles community. The two sports powerhouses will bring a voting poll center to Dodger Stadium this November. It will mark the first time in Major League Baseball history that one of their facilities will be used for voting, per ESPN.

More from Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten. 

Dodger Stadium is part of the fabric of Los Angeles, and we’re proud to continue to partner with the County to make the property available for the benefit of the community at large. Voting is all of our civic duty, and we’re excited to work with More Than a Vote to do anything we can to help get out the vote by making this process as easy, accessible and safe for all Angelenos.

For the five days that lead up to the November 3rd election, voters will be able to park at Dodger Stadium for free and vote there as well. It is not yet clear whether it will indoors or outdoors, but the team has said that it will abide by CDC recommendations. 

LeBron James also talked about the partnership with the Dodgers. 

I may still be new to L.A. but didn’t take long for me to learn how special the relationship is between the Dodgers and Lakers. We are all in this together. I’m really proud we were able to help the Dodgers become the first MLB stadium to open for voting. This is exactly why we created More Than a Vote. A lot of us now working together and here for every team who wants to follow the Dodgers lead and turn their stadium into a safer place for voting.

The Dodgers have used Dodger Stadium for sveral different things over the course of the pandemic. It has been serving as a COVID-19 tests center for the last few months. 

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  1. I think it’s great that the Dodgers are setting up a polling center but as far as LeBron is concerned he should stay out of it his voice dose not matter after the China fiasco it’s all about money with him he dosen’t have a brain cell working.

  2. Don’t tell Dodger106 or Kirk they might freak out because these people won’t be suppressed. They know the only reason a republican ever has a chance in this country is through suppression, lack of turnout, and the electoral college. But guess what? There’s only so much the electoral college can do when people actually show up and that’s what you fear. Face it the big blue states are the majority and when we decide enough is enough you realize just how small you are in this country, you are the loud minority not the silent majority. A dying breed becoming a third party to independents. The future is not bright for you, this was your last hoorah

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