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Dodgers: Terrifying Moment For Umpire During Tuesday’s Win

The Dodgers and Angels had a pretty scary moment on Tuesday night. Playing the first game of a two-game series. Los Angeles shut down Anaheim en route to the win. But one moment in the 9th inning had everyone glued to their televisions wondering what had happened.

It came in an at-bat between Mike Trout and Craig Kimbrel. Trout muscled a ball into the outfield for a hit, but the bat broke and went back towards the umpire. He immediately went down as the Dodgers training staff came in to check on him.

The home plate umpire was Nate Tomlinson, and he was forced to leave the game with a bloodied face. The Dodgers and Angels had to wait while another umpire went back to put on his gear before they could continue.

The good news is that Tomlinson is doing okay. The latest update from his umpiring crew is that he was able to void major injury, despite how scary it looked live.

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Dodgers fans have wondered for most of the season why Orel Hershiser has not been part of many broadcasts. Hersh has been a big part of the team for the last few seasons, and the combination of him and Joe Davis has always been a fan favorite. But now we know that part of the reason is so he can continue to focus on his own business ventures.

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