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Dodgers to Option 2 Position Players When Cody Bellinger and Zach McKinstry Are Activated

The Dodgers are bringing back 2 very big names this weekend. Cody Bellinger and Zach McKinstry are set to be activated, and that means roster movement is coming. The team has not decided on if McKinstry will be back on Saturday or Sunday as of right now. 

The initial thought is that the Dodgers might consider moving a pitcher down. With 14 arms on the roster, changing one out for one of the outfielders would make sense. But it sounds like that is not the plan. 

Asked after Friday night’s loss if the Dodgers were going to option a pitcher, Dave Roberts changed it up. Doc said that the plan instead was to option 2 position players whenever they went with Bellinger and McKinstry

We’re going to make a move, it’s going to be 2 position players. We’re going to talk about it tonight and we’re going to make that move tomorrow. 

The obvious candidate to go back to Triple-A is DJ Peters, given his status and position. The Dodgers are getting back 2 outfielders so Peters would be the odd man out. Outside of that, there are a few routes they could go to free up another spot. 

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Sheldon Neuse is one guy that could see a demotion, especially with Chris Taylor and McKinstry available to backup Justin Turner at third. Yoshi Tsutsugo could also be an option given the struggles he’s had early on, but it seems like they’re doing their best to give him a shot. 

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  1. I think that’s a pretty good assessment. And the way Doc goes thru relievers we need to keep as many pitchers as we can.

  2. Again, there’s no reason to carry 14 pitchers and only 12 position players, leaving late inning options nearly non existent. But that’s how Dodgers and Roberts choose to handle things no matter the game results. Poor decisions made due to Roberts infatuation with BP games.

  3. Yoshi,Peters,and Neuse should go. They did their best but it’s time to be at full strength. Really worried about Mookie. I hope that contract has not made him a fat cat. They need him to step up immediately. Too many easy outs in this lineup. Padres lineup looks far superior at this time.

  4. All to keep 14 pitchers on the roster, playing short a position players so dumb Roberts can have his STUPID BP games. This will cost the team later in the year. Roberts is officially leading the league in poor decision making. And again putting Jansen in back to back games. ……..

    1. Totally agree. Dumbest manager in baseball. BP decisions and resting players with an off day next are completely unneeded. If not for Roberts the Dodgers would be in 1st place and looking back at the rest of the league,

    2. Jansen seems a poor candidate to pitch in extra innings with the runner on. He can’t hold runners on base for anything and it disrupts his delivery which has been problematic for him.

      1. Yes, I notice that right away at the start of his 1st pitch. He was so concerned of the runner on 2nd, which he should be, but it throws off his rhythm and complete focus on the batter. Where as he comes in @ the start of an inning w/ no one on he’s able to get into the “Angry Kenley” mode and pitch in rhythm w/ a purpose. With that said, it is important for him to get the 1st strike over and getting that 1st batter out.

  5. I think Roberts should cede pitching decisions to Prior. As for roster size, I agree, need a 13/13 split so we have some pop on the bench for late-inning pinch-hitting and possibly a pinch runner who can steal a base (like 3b in extras) with the game on the line! Astounds me that each team wouldn’t have a great baserunner to pinch-run in critical situations, especially with this new rule starting a baserunner at 2b in extra innings.

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