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Dodgers Top 20 Vin Scully Broadcasting Calls: No. 20-11

The Los Angeles Dodgers will say goodbye to legendary announcer Vin Scully at the end of the 2016 MLB season. Scully has been the Dodgers broadcaster for 67 years and his hall of fame career can be compared to no one.

Vin Scully has been the soundtrack to Dodgers baseball for so many years and it will be hard to say goodbye. During the teams annual team photo, the Dodgers took a moment to have some fun with the broadcaster.

Dodgers Nation Top Vin Scully Stories

In the final month of the 2016 campaign, the Dodgers countdown Scully’s Top 20 broadcasting calls of all time. The No 1. call will be revealed on Vin Scully Appreciation Day on September 23rd.

So far they have revealed No. 20-11. Do you agree with the ones that made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

No. 20: May 22, 1999

No. 19: July 22, 2009

No. 18: June 6, 2013

No. 17: October 3, 1993

No. 16: May 31, 1968

Stories By Scully: Vin Scully Reflects on His Career and Legacy | VIDEO

No. 15: September 18, 2006

No. 14: September 17, 1996

No. 13: September 11, 1983

No. 12: April 9, 1981

No. 11: October 12, 1974

Dodgers Top 20 Vin Scully Broadcasting Calls: No. 1-10

Dodgers NationTV: A Tribute to Vin Scully

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