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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Announces His Decision to Join LA in YouTube Video

In one of the most bizarre free agencies in recent memory, 2020 NL Cy Young award winner Trevor Bauer is joining the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bauer announced his decision in a YouTube video addressed to Dodger fans.

In a letter written by Bauer, the starter ends with his message to Dodger fans.

This season is about making sure history remembers us as we wish to be remembered this season is about adding to our legacy… And I can’t wait, Dodger fans.

The well-executed video is sure to trigger goosebumps for fans looking to run it back after a world championship season in 2020. Bauer joins what is now certainly the best starting rotation in baseball, lead by three-time Cy Young award winner Clayton Kershaw and young co-ace Walker Buehler.

The time is now to move on from this long, arduous offseason and focus on new beginnings in 2021. In the words of Tommy Lasorda, you’re in the major leagues now, Trevor Bauer. Spring Training begins in less than two weeks.

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  1. Solid move. You need to do everything possible to stay on top when you win a championship. Lots of competition this year. Resign Turner now. Bauer will fit right in

  2. It’s not going to be boring with Trevor’s commentary. This should be a really fun back to back championship.

  3. I believe a trade for a right handed bat will be coming next.

    Great signing. It keep the dodgers from falling behind by doing nothing.

  4. Well I hope he proves me wrong. I was not thrilled at signing a pitcher with a checkered list of stats. But now I will be on board since he is now a Dodger. I am behind him 100% as of this moment. Welcome to LA, Trevor.

  5. Gonsolin and prospects for Chris Bryant. They need to open up a spot on the 40 man roster

  6. I hope I’m wrong, but Bauer gives Urias and May limited opportunities in 2021. But hope this is enough for a repeat title and I’ll take that as Urias and May have their rings!

  7. Strong rotation for the playoffs.

    Dustin May and Gonsolin go to the bullpen so no need for more signings there (except maybe a left-hander).

    It is at most a 2 year deal, since if he is good, he will opt out after year 2 rather than take 17 million for year 3. But the AAV is 34 million for CBT number.

    Jansen and Joe Kelly come off the books after this year. And Price the next year.

    They will have to place even more reliance on the prospects to make it work financially going forward.

  8. That video is so Trevor Bauer, I just wish every team has a colorful personality like him. Having said that, are the Dodgers equipped to take on the Padres? Assuming Dodger and Padres meet in 2021 NLCS, here’s the first four game pitching matchup:

    Game 1 – Walker Buehler vs Blake Snell (Toss Up)
    Game 2 – Trevor Bauer vs Dinelson Lamet (Bauer)
    Game 3 – Clayton Kershaw vs Yu Darvish (Toss Up)
    Game 4 – Julio Urias/Dustin May vs Chris Paddack (Toss Up)

    If Dodgers starts Trevor Bauer Game 1 vs Blake Snell, it’s still a Toss Up, then
    Game 2 becomes Walker Buehler vs Dinelson Lamet, which becomes a Toss Up, So in a 7 Game series, pitching wise the Dodgers are about even with the Padres. (This is taking David Price out of the equation, since his status is still unknown). On offense, the Padres are much deeper now that Kiki, Joc, and possibly JT are all gone (these were three clutch hitters in 2020 post season), big question about Cody Bellinger’s permanently damaged shoulder. Are the Dodgers really that much better with Trevor Bauer signing like some of the media are overhyping? (i.e. Bill Shaikin of the LA Times tweeted Dodgers may not lose another game with Bauer, Bill Plaschke claiming “they (Dodgers) have evolved from October demonized into a potential dynasty, just isn’t fair”), I’m not too sure. But I tip my hat off to Andrew Friedman for pulling this off, great negotiator and closer.

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