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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Calls Fans in LA Asking Them for Their Best Sales Pitch

The free agency of RHP Trevor Bauer has been…eventful. At times, it seems as though he’s more focused on building his YouTube brand alongside agent Rachel Luba rather than actual baseball. Bauer has also teased almost every fan base in baseball about coming to play for them, including the Dodgers. 

Bauer took that to the next level this week as he contacted Dodgers fans directly. In what might be a full series on his channel, Bauer talked to a few random fans asking why he should come to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

As you might imagine, the average fan getting to talk to a real-life Major League player can be a little bit stressful. Especially when Bauer put these Dodgers fans on the spot asking them questions about the team, so cut them some slack. 

The answers might not have been what a Dodgers fan who wants Bauer to play here was hoping for. But I get it, being face-to-face with a big leaguer can be stressful, especially when he’s putting you on the spot. 

Bauer asks them questions about the team, why he should player in Los Angeles, and the best part of going to Dodgers games. He also asked what the team needs to do in order to win a World Series, and the fan insisted that they sign Bauer. We would politely disagree with that but to each their own. 

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  1. The Pads keep acquiring ace type starting pitching and we do nothing. Is it arrogance? Do we have no money at all to play with? Why dont the blue answer in some way? We need 2 x bats and maybe another strong bullpen piece. I have advocated for Hand, Turner and Bryant. Get it done FO.

    1. I have a bad feeling about this season. The Dodgers don’t seem to want to sign their own guys or the top notch FA’s from elsewhere to replace them. The Padres are much better than last year so if we go backwards that’s it for 2021. The Braves and Nationals are two NL teams besides the Padres who could eliminate us if we don’t at the very least bring back last years team

    2. Musgrove is not ace type. The Pads picked him up to eat innings because Lamet won’t be ready to pitch a full season and is an injury in waiting.
      Friedman has shown time and again to shrewdly make the right moves and there’s plenty of time.

  2. Is Bauer 12 years old? Maybe he’s just having fun but no one can believe he’s going with the most convincing fans. It’ll be the money.

  3. I think something should happen during these next 2 weeks. If not, I would say then that the owners are very concerned about what the season will be like. Teams battling the coronavirus, games being cancelled, season length in jeopardy? California’s liberal far left politics is anti-business and baseball is a business. Dodgers front office is probably worried about another season of no fans or very limited attendance at best. I hope for me & all Dodger fans, I’m wrong! Play Ball!?

  4. No other professional sports team has the family atmosphere like the Dodgers. Tommy Lasorda was only the loudest of the blue bleeders. It begins with Jackie Robinson, PeeWee Reese, Don Newcomb, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Duke Snider, then Koufax, Sutton, Valenzuela, Hershiser and Kershaw! all of this under the watchful eye of Vin Scully.
    Bauer should honored to be considered a potential Blue Blood.

    1. Then why are they jerking Justin Turner around. If it’s such a family like deal, why can’t we resign our favorite son?

  5. Get Castillo. Cheaper than Bauer with a lot less drama. Okay to include ,Lux in the trade, but who will play second?

  6. 2021 World Champions Los Angeles Dodgers with Trevor Bauer, Bettes, Bellinger, Kershaw and a bunch of amazing players! Your best opportunity is in Los Angeles as a Dodger Starter!

    Come Join Greatness!

  7. With all the moves by other teams, I still don’t see any of them as good as the Dodgers. Not only are the Dodgers the world champs, but their best days are ahead. I’m looking forward to watching the young players. The present Dodgers remind me of the Dodgers of the early 1970’s. The young players ARE REALLY GOOD, and at many positions. I’m not saying the Dodgers will win the 2021 World Series because it is very difficult to repeat. They still have a the best team in baseball.

  8. It appears to me that it is all about short-term deals for us right now. Bullpen deals were short-term. That’s obviously what is holding up Turner’s deal. DJ’s would have been short-term as well, and that is the only way Bauer would be signed as well. Price also appears to possibly be pitching. I think it should be well noted that we re-signed Trienen and got Kneble, plus I believe we able to regain Morrow and Stewart on minor league deals. That is a huge upgrade in the bullpen. We still have a better starting pitching staff than the Pads. There is still guys out there be had. I’m pretty sure that they want to keep Turner. Obviously for club house reasons. I’m sure they’d want to keep Kike for that too. There waiting for his decision that’s why we haven’t seen a bat splash. Who knows…lol maybe there still waiting for the Rockies crumble on Arenado. Be optimistic we have a great team, and we just improved a lot in our bullpen. Look at what the Royals did with there bullpen a few years ago.

  9. Don’t forget the Braves and Padres came v. close last year. Without a few heroic plays by JT and Belli, or Seager’s bat on fire … the Dodgers would not have made the World Series despite great pitching. Those 2 teams will be better in 2021. The rest of the NL? Meh …

  10. Bauer cracks me up. He’s s really enjoying this. I don’t think anyone has ever enjoyed free agency more than Bauer. But after he has his fun, he needs to cash out with a lifetime length big money deal, and that probably won’t work for the Dodgers. I like him, and wish him well.

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