Dodgers Rumors: Should LA Pursue Trade for Luis Castillo? LA In on Jeremy Jeffress, Yates, & More!

Over the weekend, there were rumblings that Cincinnati Reds ace RHP Luis Castillo was going to be traded to the New York Yankees in exchange for a package surrounding shortstop Gleyber Torres. However, MLB Insider Jeff Passan shot down the rumors. Moreover, on Monday, Reds general manager Nick Krall issued a statement, calling the rumor that Castillo was headed to the Pinstripes “completely false.”

With Castillo’s name frequently being thrown around in trade talks this offseason, we discuss what it would take for the Dodgers to pull off a trade for the former All-star pitcher. Plus, are Dustin May and Gavin Lux untouchable in trade talks?

Next, we dive into the latest Dodgers rumors. Kirby Yates is reportedly considering offers from five teams, the Dodgers are one of several teams interested in Jeremy Jeffress, and the Atlanta Braves are reportedly out on DH/LF Marcell Ozuna.



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Would Castillo be great for Dodgers? Yes! Do they need him? No.! Trade capital better spent elsewhere

    1. Absolutely agree. Need right handed bat preferably, if Turner does not sign, a 3rd baseman. I am hoping for Turner to re-sign but? Why do these writers keep pushing pitching when Dodgers need right handed bat?

      1. Writers are running out of things to write about; only so many times can they rehash the third base possibilities. I believe Turner will re-sign, and I think the team will add another RH bat

    2. As you would say Spot on!. JT should be a priority but if not, then Dodgers at this point need to secure at least 1 more legit RHB from somewhere. Freidman has already said that was a priority at the on set of this off season.

    3. We absolutely need him. Our lineup is suspect at best. An older Kershaw with back issues, Price old and not great his last year, May and Gonsolin looked terrible in playoffs

  2. Well Tmax, you know that Freidman has already indicated the need for a RHB even if JT Returns. And as you say , that continued push for more SP by these writers is getting old right about now.

  3. Agree, Dodgers have plenty of pitching (maybe need a LH reliever). Sigh JT for 2-3 years and Ozuna (one of top hitters in baseball last year) for 3-4 years. That’s a lot of firepower.

    1. Ozuna is an interesting consideration, but only if he can play LF regularly (Pollock would have to be traded). I read a report that his throwing shoulder is now 100% which could make him defensively equivalent to Pollock (who is now a marginal defensive OF’er). I don’t see the Dodgers both Turner and Ozuna if they are convinced that both will be better at DH.

    2. LOL We need another starter. How do you look at our roster and not see that. Kershaw is older with back issues. Price is garbage and L.A already letting it be known he aint going to be signed after 2022 Dustin and Gons proved they aren’t close to being regular starters. Another steady arm would be huge

  4. Hard to see any bold move by Friedman in the near future. Bring back JT seems likely and prudent, not bold.
    But…. Dodger management might prefer JT for the 1B/DH role moving forward.
    If so, then a tidy package of prospects to the Cubs for Kris Bryant might be the best option to acquire the righthanded bat they covet. Biggest upside, with more versatility than Ozuna.
    Basically, Bryant would have one season to rebuild his All-Star/MVP value. Dodgers could then decide whether he’s worth a longer commitment or let him walk.
    Ozuna and Semien, as FAs, are probably seeking multi-year contracts.
    Fantasy lineup, with DH: Betts RF, Seager SS, JT 1B, Belli CF, Bryant 3b, Muncy DH, Smith/Barnes C, Pollock LF, Taylor/Lux 2B

    1. If Duke Snider uploaded any posts, he would have to come back from the grave.

  5. Do we need another great starter? YES, it is a big need actually and those saying otherwise have no clue what they are talking about. Kershaw is a year older with known back issues. Price couldn’t be dealt fast enough by Boston because his career was over and he was WAY over paid. The Dodgers have no intention of keeping him beyond this year. Dustin and Gonsolin absolutely proved they are not close to ready to be stars much less good pitchers. Walker didn’t sign his Arbitration which may or may not be a big deal. This year however we have him and Urias who finally found his confidence. If we could pair one more star our starting Rotation would be much better off.

    That said, why the fk would we give up ANY prospects for the Reds second best pitcher and a real egomaniac when we could sign Bauer and give up nothing.

  6. We need people who can actually hit.

    We have too many batters who can barely hit .200.

    Our relief pitching is not great, it is about the same as last year.
    The starting pitchers are not deep. sure have some young pitchers with a lot promise.

    But lets be realistic the Dodgers barely won the a world series in in shorten season.

    If you are not improving you are moving backwards.

    and there are teams out there seriously improving.

    but again too many batters who can’t hit for an average.
    Those new fangled stats are over valued.

    and too many pitchers we couldn’t rely on.

    Fortunately a few of these players left in FA.

    But resign mediore treinen, another mistake, interest in one good year semien another mistake, interest in strike out suarez another mistake.

    Hope in broken down pitchers? who knows

    interest in DJLM was the only good thing this winter.

    You can never be too good.

    And standing pat is going backwards.

    We need top players who can hit, especially right handers.

  7. Get Castillo and Suarez. We need another top starter in our aging rotation of Kershaw and Price. Keep them fresh and move a youngster to the pen.

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