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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Doesn’t Hold Back His Thoughts Following Another Disappointing Loss

Trevor Bauer did everything he could to eep the Dodgers in the fight on Sunday afternoon. Looking to win their first series in weeks, Bauer came out and pitched 6 innings and was charged with 2 runs while striking out 9. 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the Dodgers volatile offense. They put up just 1 run on the Angels despite walking 9 times and chasing starter Jose Quintana after 4 innings. Anaheim’s bullpen came in and completely shut them down. 

Bauer was understandably frustrated after the loss when asked about the team’s mood. He said that he didn’t want to speak for the entire Dodgers clubhouse, but he did have some feelings about how things were going. 

I don’t necessarily want to speak for the team. But I’m pissed personally. I don’t like losing. I want to win. That’s why I came here. And we are not playing up to our capabilities right now, so I’m mad.

Trevor Bauer Says He’s ‘Pissed’ After Another Tough Dodgers Loss! Will His Comments Fire up LA?

Under normal circumstances, holding a team to 2 runs in 6 innings would be enough. Especially for an offense that features the firepower that the Dodgers do. But nothing happened, runners weren’t moved over, and they let another loss slip away. 

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This is the first time that we’ve heard Bauer voice frustration about the losing streak. He also did not direct it towards any particular area of the team. The Dodgers are floundering, and a 14 run game on Saturday isn’t going to cover up the fact that the offense can’t string together hits. 

Something has got to change, and soon.

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  1. At some point it is up to management to make changes. Not sure what they would be, but it’s no longer an aberration, it’s a trend. The What Me Worry style right now isn’t working.

    1. Excactly, Rainbirdmuse. The ‘it’s still early ‘mindset no longer applies here. And it is a trend in the wrong direction having now lost 5 consecutive series in a row after losing just 1 series all of last year. I know this for sure that if the Dodgers had this stretch of series losses last year in the 60 game schedule their season would have most likely been over without an October appearance.

      1. Perhaps Roberts should stop changing the lineup . Players need a rhythm when hitting .more than they need a rest . He is not a good manager when the other team is almost as good .

    2. Time to dump Roberts and Dino and his crew. They mismatch and mismanage. The breakdown is in batting and base running fundamentals. We have seen tragically poor situational hitting and it’s a sign of poor game management and poor batsmanship.

      1. Fire Doc Roberts,like, yesterday. It’s time to get someone who will not be afraid to bruise some ego’s puts some players on notice, it’s one thing to light the fire, it’s completely different to keep it lit. LETS GO DODGERS!! It’s the players responsibility to play at the level they’re supposed to at the end of the day, the manager can be replaced, the roster can’t.

  2. I don’t blame him, he’s 100% correct. Getting on base w/ 9 walks, Seager’s double w/ no outs and can’t score, ahead of counts and cannot get a hit, bad situational hitting would get any pitcher pissed if you cannot support him. Even Kersh stated you cannot lose these kind of games. Thinking you have time because it’s a long season is the wrong attitude he has stated., and I have said that 2 wks. ago when most posters said to be patient and not to worry. I’dI like to see more guys including DR. show more fire and urgency to win. Not playing smart baseball like moving runners over, manufacturing runs, and questionable defense w/ pitch location & selection.

  3. The Dodgers drew 3″walks in the first inning and couldn’t score a run. You almost have to be trying not to score runs to do that. A long time ago Casey Stengel called the Mets “amazing”. It wasn’t a compliment. This Dodger team is looking pretty amazing in the same sense.

    1. Stengel also asked a question about the early Mets. “ Can’t anybody here play this game?” Seems an appropriate question to ask about Dodgers right now. I wonder how long it will be before we see Dodger fans at the stadium wearing bags over their heads?

  4. Yeah, I can’t hardly believe this team, with some added talent, won A world Series just about 7 months ago. The pitching from the bullpen has been horrendous. If this team were close to the team they were last year I’d say they could get by with how horrible the bullpen has been. Seriously, I’d be embarrassed to admit I was a relief pitcher for the Dodgers. But, it’s oh so much worse than the pitching alone.

    The team keeps saying they aren’t worried about what’s happening. Things will work out. Maybe. I doubt it though. Why? Because it’s a if most of the team has forgotten how to hit. As bad as the bullpen pitching has been, their hitting has been just as bad, if not worse. Yes. There has been several key injuries. But, that doesn’t excuse those not injured from being able to hit, to catch and throw the ball.

    And then there’s Dave Roberts managing mistakes. Sigh. Did these guys really win a world championship last year? I’m guessing Trevor is regretting coming out west now. He’s kept up his end. But, his teammates have let him down, along with the rest of the starting pitching staff. An elite pitching staff on a team with minor league hitters. So sad. They should be really embarrassed with their play.

    1. Pathetic that we are in the bottom 5 in the league in so many categories. Since the middle of the 2017 year, It appeared that the Dodgers would have a great chance to go out and win/compete in every game they played. This year, you expect them to lose every game they play. And when they play teams like Chicago or the Angels that have lost 6 out of their last seven games, they DOMINATE the Dodgers in the series. I live on the east coast, and was seriously considering buying tickets to Dodger games in Miami or Pittsburgh. But now, I am not interested in wasting my money on a team that has no bullpen and that can not score runs and hit.

  5. Get rid of Kelly, Lux and Seager. Shock the team up. Remaining pitchers NAIL 2 Astros, back to back. 95 to the back, ala Tueful. Make. It. Hurt.

  6. Unaceptable for the players relief pitchers and Roberts only our starting pitching have done their job. Roberts needs to stop babying these men giving them day off after they start 5 straight games injured players needing to play 2 games in the minors before bringing them back that’s nonsense just bring them back with dodgers am sure they haven’t forgot to pitch or hit.

  7. All these wimpy players need the mamba mentality period.Kobe believed the fans deserved to see their favorite players playing not taking a day off.Roberts doesn’t respect the fans giving these multimillionaires too many days off.

  8. I can’t wait til we hoist another trophy this year! All these band wagon mugs are going to be the first to say “I told you so”. The Dodgers can play like the his for Months and still cost to the title. Look at the records of everyone else in “Baseball”. It’s the Dodgers to loose!!! Don’t be surprised if they win the next 20 of 35. No panic hear!!!! 36 games into the season and you want fire a World championship winning Manager?

  9. Love my Dodgers , but when you hear of the salaries and money the guys in the bullpen and starters are making they should be embarrassed to even cash their checks based on playing .250 ball over the past 20 games . They cannot win the 1 runs games 4 and 10 so far this season and even when they take a lead in the 10th the bullpen has blown 6 games already Dodgers front office during this re-opening of fans are looking to capitalize on the fans , as a season ticket holder Blue Reserved marketing and sales told me that I needed to buy seat Pods 2/4 and that I needed to purchase Lodge Seats at 4 times the value. They have had my money for the 2020 season and now trying to find ways to screw the fans in 2021 .This team better find a way to come together and soon lucky the entire National league teams are all weak.

  10. Fire Doc Roberts, and staff,like, yesterday. It’s time to get someone who will not be afraid to bruise some ego’s put some players on notice, it’s one thing to light the fire, it’s completely different to keep it lit. LETS GO DODGERS!! It’s the players responsibility to play at the level they’re supposed to, at the end of the day, the manager can be replaced, the roster can’t. Too many instances of the fundamental parts not being executed, that’s poor coaching.

  11. Bauer should have 5 wins already! This team is crap and not going anywhere. Seager better step it up or he will lose a big payday. Muncy the “walkman “ is turning into another waste of time. RH bat and bullpen never addressed and now we’re paying for it!


  13. Here are things that must be addressed. Move Seager to 3rd and Turner to 2nd. That was his original position. He no longer has the arm for a 3rd baseman. If that doesn’t work make a trade for Whit Merifield for 2nd base. Unload Lux who is not ready for the majors and Kelly who has done nothing ss..since they got him. Also dump Santana and these guys Peters the worst player I have ever seen and Neuse another bum. Then make the big move when Bellinger gets back put him at first and get some relief pitching by trading Muncy while he is still worth something. This guy can not hit lefty’s or a breaking ball. He just walks. There ya go

  14. All you people who want to dump Roberts, which is a good idea. Remember Bruce Botchy is out there and dying to get back in the game. He knows how to get things done and win!

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