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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Receives Warning From MLB Over a Small Uniform Violation

Fans are well aware of MLB’s continued assault on fun in the game of baseball. Dodgers fans got a good taste of that last year with the whole Joe Kelly fallout. Trevor Bauer was a part of that when he tried to wear cleats in support of Joe, but the league shut him down. 

Now Trevor is being hit with another warning from MLB. After his last start with the Dodgers, Bauer received the official written warning and posted about it today. MLB cited Bauer’s belt with his own brand’s logo on it as an issue, even providing photo evidence. 

Naturally, Bauer was pretty annoyed by it

Bauer certainly has a point when he talks about the league wanting the players to make themselves more marketable but then shutting down ideas like this. The Dodgers pitcher was told in the notice that he would be subject to fines and punishment if not corrected. The league also pointed out that his logo was visible on his undershirt during his last two outings. 

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The Dodgers have not yet commented on the warning issued to Bauer. But the fact that the league continues to shut players down for this sort of thing can’t go over well long-term. 

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    1. Bauer in general has been under fire more since joining the dodgers. Before no one cared and loved him

  1. Not letting weirdo Bauer put advertisements on his uniform somehow is an assault on fun in baseball?
    You know what would be fun? Requiring Bauer and the author of this “article” to wear clown suits while in the stadium.

    1. A solid point was made about MLB not caring about the Astros cheating but focusing on players expressing themselves. What’s the problem with this article or Bauer being vocal about the warning?

  2. So MLB can’t figure out how to punish cheaters who stole a World Championship but they will punish a minor uniform violation. Um, really?

  3. So players cant use any advertising, yet the outfield wall, field sidewalls, scoreboards, etc are just riddled with advertising.

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