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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Reportedly Under Investigation for Assault

We’ll open this by saying details of this story are still coming in, however, TMZ Sports reported that Dodgers’ right-hander Trevor Bauer is under investigation for assault. The gossip blog reports that an unnamed woman claimed Bauer got physical with her earlier this year and has obtained a domestic violence restraining order on the pitcher.

From TMZ:

Pasadena PD is investigating the alleged incident … and sources tell us TB is cooperating with authorities.

As for the alleged victim … her attorney, Marc Garelick, tells us his client “sought and obtained an order for Protection from the Court against Mr. Trevor Bauer, under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act.”

Bauer has not responded publicly as of this time. Criminal charges may be filed against him, according to TMZ.

Moreover, sources told TMZ that the 2020 Cy Young award winner is “adamant the encounter was nothing more than consensual, rough sex with someone he met online. We’re told they hooked up twice.”

More to come on this story.

UPDATE: Bauer’s attorney and agent has responded:

Jon Ferrerolf said in the statement that Bauer has not had communication with the accuser in more than a month and called the accuser’s basis for filing a restraining order fraudulent.

Dodgers Trevor Bauer Accused of Assault, Denies Allegations, Everything We Know So Far

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  1. Look, when it comes to a relationship or forming one, Bauer is a jerk.
    But, let’s face it. Good sex is not assault.
    Bet she is looking for a fat payout.

  2. If it’s true there’s messages proving she asked for it rough then all should be good.

  3. get her out in the open trevor., her out in the open trevor, she wants money,do not cave in,your fans are with you,we love it when you pitch

  4. He doesn’t even deny it! He strangled her, twice, until she was unconscious, then raped and beat her. No, driving over to his house, saying she liked it rough, doesn’t excuse this type of assault, while she was UNCONSCIOUS!!!!!

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