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Dodgers: Max Muncy Revisits Heated Exchange with Madison Bumgarner on Bobblehead Night

After being swept by he San Diego Padres and no-hit by the Chicago Cubs, the Dodgers have won 4 straight and will look to make it 5 tonight. They out slugged the San Fransisco Giants on Monday night thanks to home runs from Mookie Betts, Will Smith, and Max Muncy.

Speaking of Mad Max, Tuesday’s game against the Giants also so happens to be his bobble head giveaway. The bobblehead also happens to feature the “Go get it out of the ocean” moment that Muncy had with former SF pitcher Madison Bumgarner. 

Many around the game did not expect to see Max chirp back to Bumgarner, someone who has a reputation of a fiery personality. That exchange has also led to Muncy becoming a player that shouldn’t be easily messed with. He backed up that notion by saying that’s who he has always been as an athlete.

“I’ve always had a fire in me that when I’m out there competing, I’m not gonna back down from anybody. I don’t really care who they are.”

Manager Dave Roberts backed up that claim with a statement of his own.

“I do know that Max is a fiery player. He plays with an edge and I love it.”

Rise of Mad Max, Fall of Mad Bum

Of course, Bumgarner will not be in the building for the release of the bobblehead as he is now with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Muncy mentioned that he hasn’t spoken to him since that altercation but that he has no hard feelings towards him and he hopes it’s the same on his part. The showdown between the two was just a heat of the moment reaction between two competing rivals with similar styles of play.

While Madison is no longer in the picture, Muncy has risen to take on the Mad Max persona against the Giants. Since that moment, Mad Max has become one of the more hated Dodgers amongst the Giants fan base. That may be the case, but it doesn’t bother Muncy one bit. He’ll gladly take it on if it means overtaking them in the division.

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  1. Bumgarner has always been and continues to be a complete jerk. Always barking to the umpires about ‘bad calls’ but doesn’t complain when the calls go in his favor. Was pretty humble in his early years then developed into a complete jerk. Muncy can forget about the incident but I bet Bumgarner doesn’t forget.

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