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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Administrative Leave Extended Again Amid Investigation

The Dodgers are busy looking at the trade market this week, and that’s where most of their focus will be. Between that and their series against the Giants starting tonight, they have more than enough on their plate. 

But the Dodgers also have to have Trevor Bauer’s situation in mind as well. The LA pitcher is on administrative leave pending an investigation by both Pasadena Police and Major League Baseball. This afternoon, it was announced his leave would once again be extended another week

The Dodgers hurler is being investigated for Felony assault stemming from an encounter with a woman earlier this year. The league placed him on leave before he could make his next start once the report came. out. Since then, the leave has had to be extended several times. 

The initial leave was for 7 days as permitted by the league’s CBA and policy on domestic violence. The Dodgers no longer have any control over his suspension or subsequent punishment until the league decides his fate. 

There is also the added factor of an ongoing investigation by police, which further complicates the issue for the league. 


As of now, there is no word or indication that the league is closing in on a decision on Bauer. It’s possible that they are waiting out the legal investigation, but there has also been no indication of that. For now, waiting is the only move for all involved. 

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  1. Again, I kind of doubt that Bauer or any other player under investigation would have had this leave extended this many times if he was on a different team. We know the league wants to stick it to the Dodgers more than they do any other team.

  2. Good possibility this was a money grab on her part. Only way I can see this freak reinstated is if she settles on 7 figures and changes her story. Even then, I think this moron’s career is on life support. I’d hate to see a franchise steeped in tradition and history like the Dodgers consider welcoming this sociopath back. If the Raiders were a MLB team, he may have a shot

  3. And yet the NFL announces no restrictions for Houston QB DeSean Watson. After how many women filed complaints and lawsuits?

    Yeah, something stinks on this one…

  4. Bauer is a $102 millions USD. bust for the Dodgers. Dodgers needs to move on . Bauer is done

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