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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Appeal Hearing to Start This Month

The Dodgers will almost certainly be without Trevor Bauer for the rest of this season. And after his 2-year ban from MLB, there’s a very good chance that he has thrown his last pitch for Los Angeles. But as everyone around the league expected, there will be an appeal process with Bauer’s case.

According to the Athletic’s Brit Ghiroli, that appeal process is scheduled to start this month. Ghiroli reported today that the Dodgers pitcher will start his hearings on May 23rd. She also added that the process is expected to take quite a bit of time. 

The 324-game suspension issued by MLB on April 29th is expected to bring a very grueling review process with the appeal. Ghiroli added to her report that the appeal hearing will take place over a few days a week for the next few months. That all depends on arbitrator availability to hear the Dodgers’ pitcher’s case. 

“There are three possible outcomes from the arbitrators: They can dismiss the case totally; reduce Bauer’s suspension; or uphold the full 324 games.” -The Athletic’s Brit Ghiroli

The process is going to take a very long time, and there’s no telling where it will end up. The 3 arbitrators are selected by the league, the player’s union, and one that both sides can agree on. The process for that alone could take time. Meanwhile, the Dodgers have very much moved forward. 

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The team issued their own statement when the suspension came down. That statement from the Dodgers was more or less acknowledging all of the facts of the case per the league. Aside from that, it seems that they have moved on from Bauer. 

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  1. This punishment is extremely unfair under all of the circumstances. It amounts to almost a three year suspension (even though he was paid for the initial period of time). This, despite not being found guilty of anything, the prosecution declining to prosecute, most likely due to the lack of the witness’ credibility, and her application for a restraining order being dismissed. The arbitrators should reduce the suspension period to “time served” at best, The time he already lost from his career can never be regained!

      1. It is a joke, let the dude play. He was not charged with a thing. How does the MLB think they are above the law.

  2. The dodgers will support a Hate group, but NOT a ALL STAR pitcher who they signed. This is exactly why they can’t win with a 280 million roster. Along with a incompetent manager..

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