Dodgers Twitter Bracket Makes it On Intentional Talk

Dodgers twitter is an interesting place to be if you’ve yet to experience it. And no, I’m not just talking about the official Dodgers Twitter account or the Dodgers Nation page. I’m talking about the DEEP Dodgers Twitter. Doyers Pls, Ricks Mondays, The Floro Fan Club, The Coffee Dude, and others are those deep accounts the truly bring me joy when the boys in blue are down.

Recently, a member of the Dodgers’ Twitter family rose to fame on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk. Makenna Martin is a student from Southern California and extreme Dodgers fan. She also made the now infamous Dodger Hotness Bracket that has made it’s way all across Twitter.

As you can see, there is plenty of reason to want to jump in on this. Even though it’s obvious Chase Utley shouldn’t even be allowed to be in this competition since it’s not fair to everyone else, let’s be honest. But Dodgers Nation talked with Makenna about the whole experience and watching the bracket take off:

DN: Tell us a little bit about the bracket. What made you come up with the idea?

My group of twitter friends and I all have our favorite boys, and we had been joking around with the idea for a while about making a bracket. It hadn’t gotten done after a few weeks, so the night before game 162 I decided to make a quick version that would be fun for all of us to fill out and keep our minds off of the stressful pennant chase. I just narrowed it down to who I thought would be the top 32 (sorry Ryu!) and put it in a randomizer to keep it unbiased, and tweeted it out.

DN: What has been the overall response to the bracket? Did you expect it to go this far? What most surprised you about the response?

The response has been overwhelming! I knew all of my crazy friends would love it and have a good time filling it out, but it has gotten way more attention than I had anticipated. I got a lot of new followers, and I would estimate at least around 100 brackets filled out got responses, along with notable responses from Joe Davis, Rick Krajewski, and Cespedes Family BBQ. It has been so positive, and some people have had some hilarious takes on the bracket. I was also curious to see who all of my male followers found the most attractive, so those have been really fun to see.

DN: Yasiel Puig retweeted the bracket, does that bump him up on your list? How excited were you about that?

Looking back on my bracket, he probably should’ve made it further, but in the moment I felt obligated to pick Will Smith because Dodgers Twitter had spent the last couple of days trying to figure out who someone was in a picture and it ended up being him lol. I love Puig so much and was so excited that he had even seen it, not to mention participating by retweeting Christine’s () bracket.

DN: How did you find out your bracket made it onto intentional talk? What kind of emotions did you experience seeing that?

I was at school and was checking my phone during passing period and saw that I had a bunch of notifications. The first tweet that I saw was from Rick, and then I saw a bunch of my closest twitter friends tweeting me about it. Once we finally tracked down the video, I was in my next class that has terrible service, so I had to wait until lunch to see it, which was agonizing because I wanted to see what they said! I didn’t know if I should feel proud or mortified, but overall I think it’s really cool and pretty funny that it has gotten this much attention and that our little Weird Dodgers Twitter fam has gotten some real recognition.

DN: Is this going to be an annual thing?

I think it should be! Some people said it should be called , and I’d be happy to make it because it has been such a good experience for everyone!

DN: Who is your all-time Dodger #1 for the bracket?

My favorite player is definitely Chris Taylor, but he was second on my bracket to Cody Bellinger. I mean…c’mon.

DN: Final playoff predictions?

I’m hoping for a Dodgers vs. Yankees W*rld S*ries…I’ll say Dodgers in 6, but I have to keep it censored because I’m too superstitious 😉


Even if you are not on Twitter, I suggest you make one this week to follow some of the craziness that is the Dodgers Twitter family. From brackets like this to jokes about Austin Barnes, I promise you will not be disappointed. Make sure to give Makenna a follow on Twitter while you’re there! (@makenna_m19)


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