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Dodgers: ‘Unconscious’ Corey Seager Looks Awful Familiar to LA Teammates

So, yeah… Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager is on another planet right now. But the fun thing is that we’ve seen him on this planet before. Whether you want to call it planet MVP or planet Seagtober (or absolutely anything else), this version of Corey is looking a whole lot like the guy we watched put the Dodgers on his back last October en route to NLCS and World Series MVP honors.

“It looks pretty familiar,” said LA third baseman Justin Turner. “Pretty close to that bubble Corey Seager we saw last year in the postseason.”

Since coming off the injured list on July 30th, the two-time All-Star is batting .323 (63-195) over 55 games. He’s hit 11 home runs and has driven in 33 runs over that stretch. Moreover, in September Seager has been even better, hitting .365 (34-93) with 8 of those homers and 19 of those RBI in 26 games. 

“[Corey’s] been unconscious right now, said Dave Roberts, later adding, “we saw it all postseason and the last five weeks this is what we’ve seen.”

In the eyes of Doc, Seager is dialed in mechanically and is “hitting the ball the right way” to send the ball over the wall instead of having Corey deliver those vintage double doubles we all know and love.

Elephant in the Room

On a less fun to think about note, the free-agent-to-be likely also has some part of his mind looking at this upcoming winter. Over the last two years, he’s re-established himself as one of the best pure hitters in baseball, when healthy. And for the arguments that call the shortstop glass and injury prone, the broken hand this year wasn’t his fault… he was hit by a pitch. He stayed on the field throughout the shortened 2020 season.

Seager has avoided contract talk all season long, firmly cementing the fact that he would NOT be discussing anything regarding his free agency following the season. In this case, he may just be letting his bat do the talking.

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  1. Unfortunately, this tear just solidifies the likelihood he doesn’t come back. Someone will likely bid around $300M for such a potential game changer and the Dodger pockets may not be deep enough for that (and resigning Kershaw, Scherzer and Taylor).

  2. It is what it is. Hopefully the Dodgers will find the $ to resign him. They do not need to resign Jansen, or Kershaw as the both of them are way past their prime and not much left in either one. Due to the most recent performances by Scherzer, his value has also gone down as he is not invincible. The Dodgers should resign Seager for whatever price and Taylor. If Seager wants to go elsewhere, let him. His spot will easily be filled. Who will play 3rd is another question. Not Rios.

  3. The Dodgers let Farhan Zaidi get away to build the Giants into a contender and now may risk Seager going to the Yankees so they can then dominate the Dodgers like in the 50s?

  4. Love Corey’s bubble! Makes me forget for a minute his defense is just ok. Hopefully he’s got it going all October!! If I’m the Dodgers I offer him a bigger longer contract to play 3rd, and a smaller, shorter contract at SS. If he is willing to move to 3rd, that would be great. Trea to SS, Lux to 2nd, Muncy, JT at first. But we get ahead of ourselves, let’s enjoy this last series and get ready for the playoffs!!

  5. Seager is a MUST re-sign!
    The guy is clutch!
    Top notch player & person.
    He is what being a Dodger is all about!

  6. Seager is hitting his 2020 postseason MVP form just in time to do it again in 2021. He still has one of the best looking swings I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know if we can hold onto him after this season. I do know that we can win the WS with him this year. Do the thing that you can do. And let AF do what he can do afterwards.

  7. Clint, here you go again with your poor grammar. You need to get the “White Smoke” app that successful writers like Robert Zemekis uses for grammar suggestions and corrections. Its “Awfully”, not “Awful.”

  8. Also, he’s re-establishing, not re-establishment. Clint, you are not Yogi Berra. Yogi Berra can get away with his grammar. Yogi is dead and you aren’t.

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