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Dodgers: LA Insider Thinks Clayton Kershaw Should Start a Possible Game 163

Although it seems unlikely, there’s still a small chance the Dodgers can force a Game 163 versus the San Francisco Giants. As of Thursday, it appears Walker Buehler could be slated for the potential Monday tie-breaker game. He’s technically scheduled for Sunday’s season finale but Dave Roberts has backed down on that possibility in recent days. Still, former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti and AM 570’s David Vassegh both agreed that Clayton Kershaw should start a potential Game 163 either way.

Vassegh put it plainly.

“The best option for a game 163 in San Francisco would be Clayton Kershaw.”

Kershaw put to bed much of his checkered playoff history during the 2020 championship run. In five starts, he had a 2.93 ERA including a 2.31 ERA in two World Series starts. Fast forward to the present, Kershaw has a 3.29 ERA in his three starts after returning from injury.

Kershaw’s Familiarity with San Francisco

For Colletti, he referenced Kershaw’s familiarity with Oracle Park as the main reason for giving him the start.

“Would not be opposed to that [starting Kershaw]. He’s had a great record lifetime in that ballpark. In that environment. Nothing is going to shake Clayton Kershaw. Clayton’s the one with the experience…it’s not going to be a foreign environment if he’s the one called upon and if that ends up taking place.”

For his career, Kershaw owns a 1.52 ERA and a 0.83 WHIP at Oracle Park (formerly AT&T). It’s not a small sample size either. He’s started 24 games (178 IP) in San Francisco. That’s tied for the most road starts he’s made at a single stadium with Coors Field.

Plenty of Good Options

To be fair to Mr. Colletti, he did add that Buehler, Scherzer, Urias, or “Clayton” are all great options.

“Any way you go [with a starter], I think you’re going to be fine.”

Despite Colletti and Vassegh’s opinions, Kershaw is scheduled to start Friday night against the Milwaukee Brewers. Urias will take the hill Saturday. Making a Monday start in a potential Game 163 for either of them impossible.

That opportunity will go to either Walker Buehler or Max Scherzer.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Ned’s a nostalgic guy. He is clearly thinking about 2011-2017 Kersh. 2021 Kersh is still a good pitcher, but he is not the “one game” guy anymore. Not against a team that hits a lot of home runs

    1. I doubt there will be a game 163 anyway. It only takes 1 Giants win and 1 more Dodger loss and Dodgers will play that one and done game with the Cards. Furthermore I actually believe Padres will be willing to lose those 3 games against Giants on purpose just to make sure Dodgers don’t win the division.

  2. I don’t think that the Padres will lose intentionally. I don’t think that any team goers onto the field to lose. I think that the Dodgers would lose to the Cards at Dodger Stadium. If they do, then they are not the ‘best’ team in baseball. The only game to see is the Dodgers playing the Giants for the Division champs. The only game that really matters. The Dodgers have no problem winning in SF if they really want to. They may not be the luckiest of the 2 teams, but they are the better of the 2 teams. The Giants obviously are led by the much ‘brighter’ manager.

    1. Opps! I DON’T think that the Dodgers will lose to the Cards at Dodger Stadium. But I also don’t think that Kershaw should pitch any game that has the potential to be the LAST game of the season. Or the Catman either!

    2. All I can say is that I hope the Padres play the Giants’ hard and that the Padres do so because they believe that that they can redeem themselves by beating the # 1 team in MLB. I can hope that the Padres play “spoiler” and the Dodgers beat the Brewers to take the Division or force a 163…whether or not this is likely to happen, does not matter…until its impossible, I will still hope.

      1. exactly!!! Dodgers will bring it tonight as will the Brewers. Pods will look to beat the gnats. Baseball is the best!

  3. Sure why not. He does well vs SF and we’ll have a well rested Buehler after the WC if we lose 163 should by some miracle we win the WC

    1. no miracle needed. Dodgers at home with Scherzer on the hill will beat the cards. Probably no game 163 – but I wouldn’t start Kersh now. He’s our #4 starter this year especially just a month back from a 2 month stint on the IL with a sore arm. doc already said its Max in first playoff game. sorry Ned – you are wrong on this one

      1. Scherzer has been a mess lately but even if he’s sharp I don’t see the offense adjusting to Wainwright. Yadi and Wainwright will carve them up and the dodgers will just sit there and take it hoping for a mistake. They’re going to have to play team ball to scrape runs together hopefully it only takes a couple innings for them to realize this

        1. well I’m optimistic and your pessimistic on the Dodgers at home against the inferior cards. Scherzer will shut down the cards for sure, and no one in baseball is hitting like Seager at the moment. Oh he’s a lefty hitter against righty Wainright. Everything is stacking up in the Dodgers favor. The team is getting hot just as the playoffs are around the corner.

  4. I guess both Ned Confetti as I call him, — (I’ve always seen him as fluff) –and Vassegh have a very short term memory?? 2019 should be WARNING bells to these two.

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