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Dodgers: Update on Rich Hill’s Knee Injury

Recently, the Los Angeles Dodgers provided a positive Rich Hill injury update in regards to his injured knee. Furthermore – Hill recorded two outs before exiting with a left knee injury in his return from an elbow injury. While the Dodgers’ veteran southpaw has seemed like an ‘Operation’ board game in 2019, there is a positive update.

Indeed, non structural damage has been revealed in Hill’s MRI following his MRI exam.

Equally important, Bill Plunkett talked to Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts about Hill’s role on the playoff roster. Now that Hill is by definition ‘healthy’ and can grit it out until he can no longer take the pain, how will he be used?

Roberts says to Plunkett that the Dodgers would consider using an opener or playing match-ups over naming a game four starter; or Hill in this case.

This is potentially important news. Obviously, the Dodgers will roll out some combination of the big three (Kershaw, Ryu, Buehler) to open a playoff series. Now – in any game four scenario – they’re announcing that they may opt to just go with the hot hand.

Finally, this is not a move we are accustomed to seeing a Dodgers team do in the postseason. Whether or not it provides them with an edge or it detracts from their success remains to be seen. On the other hand, it’s great to have Hill at their disposal in any role. His veteran presence in the dugout, and ability to take the ball when called upon; is a huge weapon in a big spot.

How do you feel about the Dodgers using an opener in a playoff game? Furthermore, how do you see Hill’s role playing out with Los Angeles from here forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. His presence and attitude alone is a plus , if he can go so be it, you know you are going to get a real competitor in the game and may be what the Dodgers need, he is a realist, and can step up if needed for as long as he can.

  2. I’m glad the “opener” idea is in the discussion. It was my thinking as we got closer to the postseason. I wasn’t sure who it would be, but I thought the idea of putting pressure on the opposing lineup by starting an opener and then switching the handedness of the pitcher after a trip through the lineup. I also had the idea that starting a Gonsolin or May, then having Kershaw waiting in the wings to pick up the opener. Kershaw needs some pressure off him given his postseason track record. This would give him a much needed change of pace.
    So starting a lefty and then bringing in a righty or vice versa, sounds like a great idea to me. Rich Hill would be a great opener in my opinion

  3. I really dislike the entire “opener’ trend. Starting pitcher have been starters for their whole lives and it’s what they’re trained to do. Openers are relievers by nature and have a different mentality than a starter. I say give game 4 to Hill if he’s healthy enough before he inevitably gets injured again. Hopefully he can give us 5 or 6 innings and then hand it over to the pen. As for going with the “hot hand”, I don’t like any of Kershaw, Ryu or Buehler going on short rest. It makes no sense either considering they’ve been giving extra rest to Ryu and Buehler.

  4. This is Hill’s last stand, at 39 and constant injuries time for us to move on from him. I hope he can recover to be a game 4 starter, but geez the guy got a 60 day injury throwing a baseball. But I love his heart and hope he can contribute

  5. Clint said:
    “His veteran presence in the dugout, and ability to take the ball when called upon; is a huge weapon in a big spot.”

    Except that’s exactly what he can’t do, take the ball.
    He’s always injured and always will be. He should retire.
    It’s always embarrassing when guys won’t admit that their bodies can’t do it anymore.

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