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Dodgers: Veteran Staff Members Learning New Things From Walker Buehler

Walker Buehler is no stranger to the big stage. At just 26-years-old, the Dodgers hurler has already thrown in more big games than most players could ever hope for. Then again, Walker Buehler isn’t your average 26-year-old.

Even at the early stages of his career, Buehler is still making guys around him veteran players. Dodgers pitcher Blake Treinen is one of those guys. Blake talked recently about the time he’s spent with Walker over the last few days, including throwing flat grounds leading up to Buehler’s start tonight. For Treinen, Buehler is far beyond his years.

There are certain players that are gifted out there with how can you teach your body to do what your mind wants it to do. And playing catch and talking to him over the last couple of days, in particular, it even stands out more. He’s very gifted with body control and all the way down to the fingertips and how to release a baseball at whatever angle or angle velocity. So for him to be able to do that at a young age, I mean I’m 32 and I’m far from being anything close to Walker. So learning how to make myself better just by playing catch with him, as long as I’m playing the game I’m trying to learn. 

The Dodgers absolutely knew what they were getting out of Buehler when they drafted him 24th overall out of Vanderbilt in the 2015 MLB draft. They knew that they were getting a guy with arm troubles, but they also knew the talent that came with it. 

Buehler has appeared in huge games for the Dodgers over the last couple of years. He threw 7 shutout innings in a World Series games in 2018, and also dominated Game 163 that year. Getting him in Game 3 of the 2020 World Series should be a thrill for fans in Los Angeles. 

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  1. Dodgers are stacked for the future. Any team with young arms like Buehler, Urias, May, Gonsolion, Gonzalez, Graterol, & White, Gray, Santana, and others coming up is stacked.
    Look at catching, the outfield, SS, second base.
    Frank Thomas the other night said the window is closing for the Dodgers which is incorrect. It’s actually opening up as this team is one of the younger teams in baseball. The Dodger median age is 28 the same as the “Young Rays”.
    The Dodgers will probably lose Pederson (29 in April) and Kike Hernandez (29) and bring in some younger players. The Padre’s median age is 26.7.
    I would expect the Dodgers will work with May and Gonsolin to get more consistent. I thought Roberts should have let Gonsiolin pitch in game 2. The Dodgers had decided it was a bullpen game so let Gonsolin pitch until he gets into trouble. They must fix May’s issues and Floro’s as he starts out giving up hits.

    1. Agree here on May and Gonsolin. Yes, Roberts should let Gonsolin go at least 1 or 2 innings after that 1st inning. However, from what was seen by the offense with 15 strikeouts, it might have made any difference in the outcome even if Tony was lights out. The Rays have so far hit 27 HRd in this PS so if Dodgers want a chance to win this WS, they best do better at keeping the Rays in the yard. I am not so sure our hitting will be able to do too much againsy Morton so tonight’s game will probably be a pitching duel.

      1. I wouldn’t change a single player on the team. I would resign all pending free agents if it can reasonably be done. Maeda and Ryu departed last year and had great years. Good for them! May and Gonsolin have struggled in the postseason. So what do you do? Build them up, and let this postseason be a learning experience. I predict the Dodgers will win the next two games and take this series in 5 games. There is no real weakness to this team. The top of the order with Mookie, Seager, Turner, and now Muncy are all hitting well. Unlike past postseasons, there are few sleepy bats. Everyone is contributing. And the defense has been outstanding as well. JT has taken a lot of criticism for his defense over the past couple years. He has looked great lately.

        In past off-seasons there have been pressing needs, like the bullpen last year,. But I don’t see any pressing needs for the upcoming off-season. The Dodgers are deep and talented pretty much everywhere. They can probably look to their farm system to for any needs that do arise. Friedman will make some moves, but it should be a relaxing off-season for him.

    1. Actually if Kike had turned that double play we would have had a tie game . Yes not every play is made or pitch is perfect but this was a close game which could have gone either way. Hopefully by now we’ve all learned that this team can go hitless for four innings and still be in the game. Any Dodger batter is already in scoring position!

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