Dodgers Video: Frustrated Clayton Kershaw Throws Ball Into Ground, Then Dugout

Ezra Shaw-Getty Images
Ezra Shaw-Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers faced an Oakland Athletics team Tuesday that was mired in a seven-game losing streak and fresh off a night of travel after concluding a seven-game road trip in Baltimore on Monday.

Clayton Kershaw took the mound to face the A’s for the third time in his career, and gave up leadoff base hits in the first and second innings. While Kershaw managed to work around it in the first, the A’s took a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the second.

With that lead still intact, Bill Burns struck out to open the bottom of the third inning. Two batters later, some of the fire and competitiveness Kershaw pitches with led to a moment of letting frustration out.

One pitch after believing to have painted the corner for strike three against Danny Valencia, the third baseman hit a slow roller toward third base. Kershaw attempted to make a play on it, was unable to, and let loose by slamming the ball into the ground followed by throwing into the Dodgers dugout.

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  1. Way to Front Office. Once again the wonderful bullpen you assembled blew it again. You had one glaring hole you HAD to fill this year but you went cheap and now you will probably not make the playoffs because of it. The Giants and their pen are far superior to yours. You guys suck and should be fired for ruining the chemistry on this team and your wonderful trade deadline actions. I always told my friends that if we got Mat Latos the Dodgers would be World Series champs. HA HA. Dodger fans deserve better than Tampa Bay rejects who still think they need to cut payroll because they only get 15,000 a night at the Tropicana. You clowns aren’t in Tampa anymore and you are not ready for the big time either. Thanks for ruining the season that the players have worked so hard for with your horrible decisions!

    1. Thank for telling like it is.I been a Dodgers fan since 1946 afraid the Dodgers want make the playoffs mainly because of their unsucessful bullpen.I think the making the change with the new 3rd base coach will help.I think Stevie Wonder could see we needed help there.

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