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Dodgers: Vin Scully Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award

It’s hard to think about a guy that has represented the Dodgers storied franchise better than Vin Scully. He brodcasted games for Brooklyn and Los Angeles for 67 years before retiring from the job following the 2016 season. The 94-year-old Scully he been there for some of the greatest moments in sports, and he represents the voice for many generations of baseball fans. 

This week, Scully received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Baseball Digest. He was a finalist for the prestigious award when Willie Mays won the it in it’s inaugural year in 2021. He won it this year from a list of candidates that included Bobby Cox, Sandy Koufax, Rachel Robinson, Bud Selig and Joe Torre. The list also went on beyond those legendary names. 

In a press release, the former Dodgers broadcaster expressed his gratitude for receiving the award. He referenced Willie Mays being awarded it last year and the honor associated with that.

“Any award that’s already been won by Willie Mays, who certainly was one of my favorite players and one for whom I had great respect, is an honor. It’s an honor to even have my name linked with his in some way. I was honored, delighted and surprised that I turned out to be the second winner of Baseball Digest’s Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m proud of it and humble at the same time.”

In terms of sports voices, Vin is a legend of the game. He received the Baseball Hall of Fame Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting back in 1972. He was also awarded the received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. And even though he is retired, Vin still often lends his wonderful voice for the Dodgers for promotions and videos.  

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Congratulations Vin, there will never be another one like you.

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