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Dodgers: Vin Scully Never Envisioned Tampa Bay Winning This Series

Vin Scully has been out of baseball for a couple of years now, so we’ll give him some slack on this one. The Dodgers legendary broadcaster has been watching the World Series games from his house wondering when Los Angeles was going to get the job done. 

In an interview with USA Today, Vin really thought the series would have been wrapped up by now. In fact, he didn’t see the Dodgers going more than 5 games with the Tampa Bay Rays.

I don’t mean to put anybody down, but when the series started, I thought the Dodgers would win in five. Not that I know anything, but my thought is, what’s taking them so long?

I can’t tell if that’s a major faith in his Dodgers or a shot at the Rays, but I love it nonetheless. But Vin went on to say that he felt his Los Angeles team was much better, and that it would be a very big surprise to him if the Rays managed to pull out a win in the World Series. 

I guess it’s not so much the failings of the Dodgers, but it’s a tribute to the Rays. They don’t look very formidable on television, I tell you that. They don’t look like a team that scores a lot of runs…Watching the Dodgers all year, the Dodgers are a far better team, a far more formidable team. I don’t think the people in Tampa will argue. Sometimes the weak beats the strong, but these fellows don’t impose a formidable threat. I would be totally and completely shocked if they lost.

Scully retired from the broadcast booth following the 2016 regular-season. Since that time, the Dodgers have made 3 World Series appearances in 4 short years. This is the second time in those 3 appearances that they are just 1 win away from a World Series title, in what would be the first championship in 32 years. 

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  1. I’m with Vin on this one. Every game this series extends the more likely the Dodgers don’t succeed. But on paper, the A’s should have swept the Dodgers in 1988. The best team doesn’t always win.

    1. I’m with Vin too. I thought this would be a 5 game series. And it would have been if Roberts hadn’t used Jansen as a closer with a one run lead in the 9th to give game 4 to the Rays.

    2. And that 1988 team had no where near the talent an depth this 2020 team has. But that 1988 team had outstanding starting pitching and only allowed that powerful A’s team 2 HRs in 5 games and that 1988 team had a total of 99 HRs that whole year while this 2020 team hit 118 in only 60 games to lead all of MLB.

  2. Vinnie’s rich. He can afford to count his chickens before they hatch!

    This series isn’t over. Blake Snell is a big time pitcher and no one has won two in a row yet in this series.

  3. I don’t think Vin Scully was taking a shot at Tampa Bay, The Rays will not win two more games, unless injuries Most of the Dodgers…

  4. Of course what Vinnie didn’t count on is that Dave Roberts and his brilliant coaching staff would make more appalling decisions to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Luckily this great team can win despite a terrible in-game manager…really the worst.

    1. I like Roberts, but JP speaks the truth. Roberts is horrible with the pitching staff, I know it’s the analytics era, but he fails in basic management, he doesn’t put people in a position to succeed, he puts them where they have a history of failure. If he brings Kershaw into game 7 in relief I’m going to scream.

    2. I agree. This Dodger team has to overcome two obstacles – the Rays, and their own manager.

  5. Dodger106W. Most likely very true. Even though it was only a 60 game season this year’s winner will have endured the most difficult of circumstances due to this HORRIBLE pandemic that no other WS winner ever had to face in order to get there.

  6. When the Dodgers were down 3-1 in the NLCS, many expressed that we were going to see the Braves, instead of the Dodgers, in the 2020 World Series. Fortunately, that is not what happened, and here we are. When the Dodgers lost Game 4 (the end to that 9th inning was an absolute mess), the Rays were going to take us in 6; but here we are. Although I still believe that the Dodgers will win this, right now I am glad that the 3-2 going into tonight’s game is in our favor. Let’s hope that Gonsolin will be able to give us more than a few good innings and our offense gives him an early buffer. Regardless, when the time comes for Gonsolin to leave the game, Roberts’ must be ready to pull him and make solid bull pen choices. That way, we won’t have to look to Game 7 tomorrow and hope that Buehler will be able to provide us a repeat performance.

  7. your exactly right..Roberts has been out managed since 2017 very bad.. i hate to be a couch but he has only made ONE managerial decision with feel/looks and it was this yr letting Urais finish the 9th..He doesnt start guys who are hot or been hot..example: 2018 WS muncy,pederson and belly were nat league RBI leaders and they set in dugout 2 games in row because lefty on mound SMH.another one:2018 puig had like 5 HR in 3 games but sets in dugout first 2 games..another:2018Maeda(best reliever doders had now gone)he went thru 3 innings killing astros…whats super Dave do,brings Madson out in 8th i think and walks 2 rigght off bat then BANG 3 run homern..i can go on and on.He should manage like he played!! If Cash had been in LA since 2016 we might have 3 WS at the least

  8. He shouldve never taken the ball from Gos in 1 1/3innings..It almost seems like hes trying to do what cash did last few yrs when he had no starting pitchers worth 4+ innings..The jansen thing has been bad since 2018..93mph “cutter” fastball w/absolutely no spinrate and doesnt move 1/4in. 90% of time..thats why so many guys have hit HR off him..set and wait on that waist hight fat ball because youre gonna get one,thats a given,just dont miss it and they usually dont..One more thing and ill quit ranting…… 2018 remember he started Lutz in or whatever his name is in WS!!!..maybe twice i cant remember and at time he had only been called up month b4 pos seas..ok i.m done.lets go DODGERS BABY!!! ill b borderline heart attack from 8:11pm until end..

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