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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Calls the Mookie Betts Trade A Steal for Los Angeles

Getting the opportunity to see Mookie Betts play on a daily basis is a privilege that cannot be taken for granted. Dodgers fans certainly understand the one-of-a-kind player that he is and the intensity that he brings to every single game. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts can certainly appreciate what he has brought to the team in 2020. Just 1 win away from their first World Series in 32 years, Mookie has been apart of the success from day 1. He got up in front of the team the first day he arrived to Spring Training and challenge the team to get to this point. Since then, he has easily been their Most Valuable Player for the season.

Doc was asked about Betts being traded to the Dodgers in a media conference on Monday. He was also asked if players of his caliber being traded is something that happens often. 

It just does not happen, especially when you’re talking about the character of the person and everything that comes with Mookie Betts. When Andrew [Friedman] brought it to me that it might happen, I just couldn’t believe it and I was kind of not trying to get too excited.

The excitement of getting Mookie Betts on your team is enough to make any manager lose his mind. But for Dave Roberts, getting someone like Mookie has a bigger impact on more than just this season for the Dodgers. 

As it happened, the player, what you expect, it’s just exponentially clear we got a steal. I’m just so grateful that the deal was done because it’s not only helping us this year. It’s going to help us for the next wave of young players and really enhance as a culture what we have going forward. It’s going to affect players that haven’t even been drafted by the Dodgers yet. 

Betts was signed to a 12-year extension before he ever played a real game for the Dodgers. Now just a game away from a title, it’s immediately clear why they went all-in on him so quickly. We are truly in the presence of greatness.

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  1. Trout and Betts have been at the top of baseball since they came to the MLB. Based on pure numbers, Trout has the edge. But when you factor in the intangibles of a winning attitude, leadership, teamwork, and key big plays, I think the edge goes to Mookie. He raises the level of the entire team.

    1. Exactly! And if Dodgers win this WS, The players on the field at the time should hoist Mookie up on their shoulders and cheerfully carry him off the field and celebrate!

  2. Mookie is great but not a steal at that money for 12 years. How are they going to pay Bellinger, Seager, and Bueller – all superstars – to keep them?

  3. All is great that we have Mookie. However he is 28 and has 12 more years on his cotract. Hope we don’t have a Stanton or Ellsbury contract we’ll be sorry for down the road.

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