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Dodgers: Vin Scully Recalls and Praises Gil Hodges Ahead of Hall of Fame Consideration

From Hall of Famers like Sandy Koufax and Duke Snider to national treasures like Jackie Robinson and Vin Scully — who, by the way, are also Hall of Famers — the Dodgers organization has been home to some of the best to ever play the great game of baseball. While many legendary Dodger players from both Brooklyn and Los Angeles have been enshrined in Cooperstown, one glaring omission seemingly gets talked about every year.

But that omission could change soon.

Gilbert Raymond Hodges played 16 seasons for the Dodgers before wrapping up the final two seasons of his career as a player with the New York Mets. His 361 home runs in blue are second-most in franchise history and he’s among the top-10 in most offensive categories including games played, hits, runs batted in, and total bases to name a few.

Gil never made it into the Hall of Fame in his 15 years of eligibility. But with the Golden Days Era committee’s ballot, decades of wrong can finally be righted. The 10-name Golden Days Era committee ballot features candidates whose primary contribution to the game came from 1950-69. Hodges is listed among other royalty of baseball lore including long-time Twins pitcher, Jim Kaat, legendary Phillie and one time Dodger Dick Allen, and former teammate, 1962 NL MVP, Maury Wills.

Another Dodger Hall of Famer recently spoke out in favor of Gil Hodges. The iconic voice of the boys of summer, Vin Scully shared his thoughts about Hodges on He also made his pitch to the Golden Days era committee on why Hodges deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s what Mr. Scully had to say about his dear friend.

While statistics, records, and awards are used as the primary measurements of success for determining those elected, the Hall’s voting criteria also includes consideration for the “integrity, sportsmanship, and character” of each nominee. When one combines Gil’s impressive and consistent play on the field, his innovative managerial approach and leadership of the New York Mets culminating in the greatest upset in baseball history in 1969, and his unwavering commitments to his faith, family, country, and social justice, you have the rare instance of the ideal candidate. Hall of Fame voters have long used the “integrity, sportsmanship, and character” clause to exclude nominees for a host of committed transgressions. It seems only logical for voters to use that same clause in the affirmative to consider nominees who embodied those positive virtues.

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The Golden Days Era committee meets to vote on Sunday, December 5th and will be faced with many tough choices. But, when it comes to Gil Hodges, the decision is easy. He’s a hall of face person with the number to back it up. Vin Scully says so.

I am often asked who the best ballplayer was that I watched during my broadcasting career. In looking back over my 67 years behind the microphone, I was truly blessed to watch firsthand so many of the all-time greats performing at their very best on the biggest stages in the game’s history. It is truly impossible for me to single out just one player. However, in terms of the players I watched who performed at a high level on the playing field, but at an even higher level off the field in how they lived and carried out their lives, my response is an easy one — Gil Hodges.

If all goes as it should this weekend, the Hall of Fame should be getting at least one more Dodger plaque added to its walls. And, as such, the organization will add the number 14 to the section of retired numbers.

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  1. From Vinny’s lips to God’s ears.

    I’m hoping both Hodges and Maury Wills find a way to get in. Actually a 3rd Dodger, played and managed around the turn of the century, Bill Dahlen also being considered, but by the other committee, so he may well make it in too.

    It will be a banner day if all 3 can make it in later today – all wearing Dodger Blue.

    1. Yes! I would love for Hodges to make it in, especially while Vin is here to witness it.

      And Kike will have been the last Dodger to wear 14.

  2. I have long wondered why Maury Wills wasn’t in the MLB Hall of Fame. Wills revolutionized the stolen base in much the same way as Babe Ruth did the home run! Ruth begat Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Barry Bonds while Wills beget Lou Brock and Ricky Henderson!

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