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Dodgers vs. Nationals: Experts Weigh in on Who Wins Game 5 and Predictions for 2019 NLDS

With Game 5 between the Dodgers and Nationals about to start in a few hours, the guys over at MLB on FOX shared their thoughts on who’s going to win and what it’s going to take to win for each team.

Former MLB pitcher Dontrelle Willis had this to say on the Strasburg/Buehler matchup, and who’s winning the game.

“I’m leaning toward the Dodgers, but it’s going to be tough task — especially going up against Stephen Strasburg. He was phenomenal his last start in LA. I think it’s going to be a very well pitched game by both starters… I got the Dodgers winning 2-1 late.”

The “D-Train” is going too far out on a limb in his expectations with the starting pitching. Both Stephen Strasburg and Walker Buehler are more than capable of “well pitched games” in October. In his few opportunities in the postseason, Strasburg has an incredible 0.64 ERA in 5 appearances. Moreover, he’s recorded 10+ strikouts 3 times.

On the other hand, while Buehler has a 3.03 ERA in his 5 playoff starts, he stands above the rest in these do or die situations.

The Weight on Cody Bellinger

Where analysts Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz (glad to see him back) instead chose to focus was on the importance of Cody Bellinger.

“In order for the Dodgers to win, they need their best player — Cody Bellinger — to step up.” — A-Rod

Big Papi expanded on the thought.

“Bellinger needs to go back to being himself.”

Final Thoughts

The Dodgers are going to need to send their most discipline bats up to bat to make sure each pitch counts in order to get to the Nationals Bullpen.

What are your keys to the game?

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  1. My key to this game is what Bellinger and the rest of the batting order does as far as making consistent contact (putting ball in play) or striking out 10 or 15 more times.

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