Dodgers: Who is LA’s Best First Baseman of the Last 30 Years?

Former Dodgers first baseman Adrián González officially retired from professional baseball a few weeks ago. Where does he rank among Dodgers first baseman over the 30 years?

According to some Dodgers fans, at least those that like Twitter polls, González is the second-best first baseman of the last three decades of Dodgers baseball.

Adrián González

González was a complete player in his time with the Dodgers. He won a Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, and was named to the 2015 NL All-Star Team. The slugger also led the majors in RBI in 2014.

González’s arrival in LA also helped usher in a new era of relevancy for the Dodgers. In González’s first full year in LA, the Dodgers won their first of eight-consecutive NL West division titles.

Max Muncy

Muncy hasn’t been a Dodger for long, but he’s certainly made an impact. In four seasons in LA, Muncy has been named to two NL All-Star teams and owns a .890 OPS. Since 2018, Muncy (138) trails only Freddie Freeman (142) in wRC+ for first baseman.

Most importantly for Dodgers fans, Muncy will forever be part of Dodgers history as the first baseman for 2020 title team.

Eric Karros

The former UCLA Bruin played the vast majority of his 14-year MLB career in Dodger blue. The 1992 NL ROY recorded five seasons with 100 or more RBI. Karros’ legacy as a Dodger might be unfairly affected by playing in a lackluster era in the team’s history. The Dodgers made the playoffs just twice and were swept in both divisional series (1995 & 1996).

Karros was a consistent hitter and lineup linchpin that doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

James Loney

The Dodgers 2002 first-round pick was an adept contact hitter and posted a .915 OPS in his first 144 games with the Dodgers.

Loney, along with Russell Martin, Andre Ethier, and Matt Kemp, was  one of four noteworthy Dodgers prospects to debut in 2006.

Let us know in the comments who you think is the Dodgers best first baseman of the last 30 years!

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. If you look at just their body of work as a Dodger, the best was Karros.
    If you base it on which Dodger 1st baseman has had the best career, including with other teams, Pujols.

  2. Statistically, based on number of really great seasons with LA as 1st baseman, it’s Karros. Though half his time in LA was pretty unremarkable, very “James-Loney’esque,” Karros had 5 exceptional years in LA. A-Gon and Max had 3-4 outstanding years here under a much shorter time span. Personality-wise, I always thought Karros was a little bit bland; A-Gon really endeared himself to the LA community, and Muncy has been super quick to becoming a fan favorite. Considering even Steve Garvey only had 5 elite playing years here, this feels like a toss up. ‘Best’ First Baseman of the Last 30 Years, it’s Karros. ‘Greatest’ Dodger First Baseman of the Last 30 Years, it’s A-Gon, with Karros and Muncy close behind.

    1. player/AVG/HRs/RBIs/OPS/seasons with Dodgers
      AG/.280/101/448/.793/5 *his best years were with SD.
      MM/.246/118/298/.890/3.5 *note: only about 60% of his games were at 1st Base.

      Max has a super impressive OPS and HRs per season, his future may be at DH? . Adrian had some very good years in LA, but his HR numbers were more like a middle infielders. Eric had the longevity on his side and accumulated some pretty nice numbers.

    1. Last 30 years is the key word, which excludes Garvey. However, if you want to include Garvey, you may want to take a look at Gil Hodges.

  3. I didn’t realize Karros numbers were that good, I’d have to rank him first, then Gonzalez. Muncy has the potential to be the best of the lot, but really he’s only played just over 2 full years worth of games at first, so I’d exclude him for the time.

  4. If the question was “Who was the best first baseman to be a Dodger”, then I’d say Eddie Murray.

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