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Dodgers: Why Dodgers Fans Should Be For or Against Carlos Correa Signing in LA

The market at the shortstop position will be a good one this off-season. Star players like Xander Bogaerts, Tim Anderson, Dansby Swanson, and Trea Turner will be free agents, and the Dodgers will be in the running for one of these players to fill in at the six hole.

One other player opted out of their contract and is set to hit the market, and that player is 28-year-old Carlos Correra.

I know, I know. Why would the Dodgers ever think about signing this cheater, someone who stopped the Dodgers from winning the World Series in 2017 and didn’t acknowledge his team’s cheating ways?

Putting that to the side, I’m going to tell you guys why we should sign Correra and why we shouldn’t sign him.

Why The Dodgers Should NOT Sign Carlos Correra

Stating the obvious, Dodgers Nation also HATES Carlos Correra with a passion. If you don’t think Dodger fans hold grudges, think again.

It’s been five years since Houston cheated, and even with a different team, Correra gets the same treatment.

Correa could bring some unnecessary drama into the clubhouse that Los Angeles does not need to deal with.

This year’s class of shortstops is a phenomenal one. The speedy shortstop Trea Turner, who has been a Dodger for the past year and a half, is available to snatch; but the price will be hefty. And this year’s free agent class is deep, so the Dodgers can spend their money on someone else if they fail to sign Turner.

Why The Dodgers Should Sign Carlos Correra

Taking off the Dodger cap for a sec, Carlos Correra is a tremendous talent both at the plate and on the field. He is clutch, can hit it anywhere on the field, can cover so much ground, and is still in his prime. The 28-year-old is the youngest from the crop of star shortstops in the class. In 2022 with the Minnesota Twins, he slashed .291/.366/.467 with a .833 OPS in 522 at-bats.

Correa would bring the fire needed for the Dodgers; he’ll challenge players and not be afraid to be confrontational.

The Puerto Rican is arguably the best all-around player at the top-quality position.

So, what do you think, Dodger fans? Should the Dodgers sign Carlos Correra this winter?

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Ricardo Sandoval

I write about sports. Staff writer at Dodgers Nation, LA Sports Report network of sites, and Newsweek. I’m also lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan.


  1. Dodgers have a great shortstop in Trea Turner- sign him & get a pitcher-Carlos Rodin would be great.

  2. Never…..that cheating POS should never be part of a class organization like the Dodgers

  3. And here Houston IS STILL cheating today! LMAO. It’s sick…..leaning into pitches n corked bats. N God knows what else. Please please let Philly win! If they can get to verlander again, or get a hair of luck , they can do it. Almost yesterday again they won. Tho Philly only teally needs to win game 3, then houstin will be up against the wall. It’ll b b a 6 or 7 gamer

  4. It’s been 5 years. I’m sure it wasn’t his idea to cheat. He was only a kid, 23 y.o, so I’m sure he was intimidated not to rock the boat. Also, Dodger play at SS has been underwhelming with both Turner and Seager. It’d be a nice switch to have a SS with range and a reliable glove.

  5. He won’t sign for less than Turner he wouldn’t sign for less than Seager last year. He changed to Boras for an agent and signed the short deal able to shop himself every year. So you go down the Correa – Boras black hole. He wasn’t worth it to Houston is enough for me.

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