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Dodgers: Why Freddie Freeman is the Best First Baseman in Baseball

The Dodgers got exactly what they wanted when the MLB lockout ended this year. With Corey Seager headed out to Texas on a mega-deal, Andrew Friedman decided to get the best bat out there on the market in Freddie Freeman. 

And since then, things have been great. Freddie is producing at an incredible level for the Dodgers and showing everyone in Los Angeles how pure of a hitter he can be. He demonstrates that by his opposite-field approach and ability to get deep into counts. 

And he really might be the best first baseman in all of baseball. And here’s why we think that’s the case. 


Sure, there are plenty of really good first basemen around baseball. But Dodgers fans have to feel like they hit the lottery with Freddie’s contract. What do you think? Is Freddie the BEST of the best? Drop into the comments and let us know. 

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