Dodgers: Why June Could Make or Break the Season for LA

Before the Dodgers go toe-to-toe with the San Diego Padres next week, they’ll enjoy six games against teams that aren’t exactly setting the world on fire right now. The Dodgers’ next two series are against the Philadelphia Phillies (32-31) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (20-46). Those two series provide the perfect opportunity to regain control of the NL West lead prior to playing a trio of playoff contenders: Padres, Cubs, and Giants.

How the Dodgers perform play in the second half of June could shape the rest of the regular season.

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Not to be greedy, but anything less than series wins, if not sweeps, against Arizona and Philadelphia would be letdowns. The Dodgers, fresh off a series against the hapless Texas Rangers, have a fantastic opportunity to stack up wins.

This team has been hot and cold so far this year. After starting 13-2, the Dodgers posted a 5-15 stretch the next 20 games. They haven’t been in first place in the NL West since April 28th.

If the Dodgers can take care of business in June, it could set them up for a summer atop of the NL West. Three games against the worst team in baseball. Three games against an East Coast club kicking off a West Coast road trip. Then, six of eight against two division rivals who won their most recent respective series against the Dodgers.

Final Thoughts

Stringing together wins in June could signal a return to first place in the division. Faltering might indicate that it will be a long game of musical chairs at the top of the NL West.

This offense has the talent to overcome the injuries of Muncy, Bellinger, and Seager. The staff can still pitch at a high level even without the sticky stuff.

The difference between running away with the NL West or battling through July, August, and September might be defined by the next few weeks.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Full lineups and playoff type bullpen decisions need to be made during these next few series

  2. Muncy and Taylor yes, the rest of the players, including our entire pitching staff, are not all-stars. We’re better off resting the troops during the break.

  3. The Phillies come to LA with a 4 game winning streak. I don’t think they’re pushovers. The Dodgers need to have a strong lineup, good bullpen performance, and no DR surprises.

    1. Yes on paper the Phillies have a strong line up w/ a good mngr. That’s a playoff roster w/stars indeed, but tonight the Dodgers played a pretty clean game w/ outstanding bullpen. They saved the game when the Catman struggled again and gave time for the offense to produce, albeit w/ only 2 all important jacks by 2 blue-collar players. I have been critical of Smith’s defense in the past, but tonight his framing and blocking balls in the dirt was outstanding. Pitchers are trying to control the running game, Doc made good moves w/ the BP, and Pujols off the bench again productive against lefties, and finally Kenley was untouchable. Good game.

      1. Absolutely a good game. Outstanding bullpen job. Good moves by DR. This was the A game I was hoping for. Maybe we’ll get a few more hits for the rest of the series.

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