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Dodgers Will Not Have Many Arms Available Out of the Bullpen Tonight

The Dodgers will kick off a 4-game series against the Marlins tonight down in Miami. They will not have to throw a bullpen game in this series, but Monday night could leave them a little shorthanded. 

One day after throwing a bullpen game in Washington DC, the Dodgers will likely have 5 relievers unavailable on Monday. That includes Joe Kelly, Phil Bickford, and David Price. Dave Roberts confirmed on Monday that those 3 were for sure going to be held out. 

The Dodgers will also probably have to get the job done without Blake Treinen and Kenley Jansen. Both of those guys pitched on Saturday and Sunday against the Nationals and pitching Monday would make it 3-straight days. Doc has not been willing to do that very often with anyone on the staff. 

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Scott Alexander was just activated from the injured list, so he might be one of the first guys out of the Dodgers bullpen after Walker Buehler. That would also presumably leave Victor Gonzalez and Jimmy Nelson available to throw. 

Edwin Uceta was supposed to throw a bunch of innings on Sunday, but they opted to save him. It would make sense that they would throw him tonight after Buehler if needed. They could also save him for Friday when the Dodgers are likely to throw another bullpen game. 

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  1. With tonight’s loss, it makes me think, the Dodgers could loose against any team. Way to go boys, snap of a winning streak and loose to the bottom-feeders fish

    1. They lost a game. It happens. The best teams in the history of baseball still lose around 60 games a year You really can’t win them all. They had nine straight wins before that. I’m pretty happy with how they’re playing. They’re still 1/2 game behind the Giants, would don’t have the personnel or depth of personnel to maintain the level that they’ve played at so far. Relax.

  2. I hate bullpen games because they tap out the bullpen option for the next two or three games. In terms off getting the job done and winning games, the bullpen games have worked out well the last few times. The bullpen has done a really good job. But it hurts the team in the following games to have so many guys on the shelf. I think DR needs to start a bullpen game with Price or Nelson, and let them go 4 or 5 innings if they can, and if they are effective. Otherwise it’s going to be Old Mother Hubbard with a serious shortage of releivers on the cupboard, way to often.

  3. On a night when the Pads and Giants lose he puts together a pathetic lineup! That loss could come back to bite them in the a.. at the end of the year. I just don’t get his thinking. Go all out! Every game counts.

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