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Dodgers World Series: Los Angeles’ Bullpen Falls Apart, Series Tied

The Dodgers and Rays were looking to make things interesting on Saturday night in Arlington. Los Angeles was going into this one fighting for a big lead in the World Series while Tampa Bay was doing everything they could do even up the series. 

Urías Starts Off Hot

The Dodgers threw Julio Urías out there for Game 4 in his first real planned start of the postseason. Urías got off to a hot start and pitched 3 scoreless before giving up homeruns in the 4th and 5th inning. Julio left the game giving up 2 earned runs and throwing 4.2 innings. He struck out 9 and issued just 1 walk. He also got some pretty sweet defensive help behind him as well. 

Dodgers Bullpen Melts Down

The Dodgers got down to a 1-run lead before turning things over to their bullpen. Blake Treinen came in and allowed a few runners to reach in the 6th. That’s when Dave Roberts turned to Pedro Baez to try to get them out of the inning with the lead. Unfortunately, Baez immediately gave up a go-ahead homerun to Brandon Lowe.

Things got worse when Dave Roberts left Pedro Baez in the game during the 7th inning as well. Baez gave up a solo shot in the home half the 7th that tied the game up again, despite the Dodgers have plenty of arms available. 

Dodgers Make a Comeback in the 7th

Despite the meltdown, the Dodgers were able to come through with some 2-out magic once again. In the 7th inning, Corey Seager and Justin Turner got things started with a single and double to get the inning going. Tampa Bay got 2 quick outs though, and all of the pressure fell on Joc Pederson. He did not disappoint

In the 8th inning with the game tied, Corey Seager once again came through. He blooped a single over the head of Adames at shortstop to give the Dodgers the 7-6 lead. 

When the Dodgers retook the lead, they brought Kenley Jansen in to close out the game. Unlike the majority of the relievers, they were hoping that he could hang out a 0 and get the third win locked in. Kevin Kiermaier blooped a ball into the outfield with 1 away, and Joey Wendle flew out to left. That left things in the hands of Randy Arozarena who had homered the night before off of Jansen.

The Dodgers chose to pitch to him, and Arozarena walked. Brett Phillips dropped in a single to tie the game, and Los Angeles’ defense absolutely fell apart after that. 

Up Next in the World Series

The Dodgers are Rays will play Game 5 on Sunday evening. Los Angeles will turn to Clayton Kershaw to try to take the series lead. Tampa Bay will counter with young Tyler Glasnow.  

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  1. I just witnessed the best and the worst Dodgers game I have ever seen. I saw it from the 1st to the 9th. Jansen the so-called dodgers closer blew the game!! and I knew he was going to when warming up. no broadcaster brought this up, but I remember back in 2017 world series gm 2, Jansen on the mound and lost the game (again) and eventually we know who went to win that series.

  2. The Dodgers won’t win a championship for a very very long time. Wasting postseasons like this from Seager and Turner is criminal, they won’t have that from any player again. It’s over. Dodgers are out in 6

    1. Some questionable managing of pitchers, and a total little league play at the end. I’m stunned.

  3. If we lose this world series, Dave Roberts should be replaced. We need a manager with this talent to not make bonehead moves

    1. Roberts should had brought in Gonzalez to face Phillips and get lefty vs lefty matchup. 3 sliders and the game is over. Another costly Dave Roberts blunder.

  4. Everyone knew it EXCEPT Robert’s. Graterol threw a grand total of 7 pitches. Unfathomable that he doesn’t leave him in. He’s the true closer, regardless of his age. This loss is 100% on Dave Roberts.

  5. I believe we may have just seen KJ’s. last 9th inning appearance as a Dodger. Could have been used in 8th, Graterol in 9th.

  6. Can somebody please tell me why Will Smith still had his mask on during that play at home??? If he discarded it right after the hit (as he should have done) he could’ve had a better view of where the runner was and not fumble that play! Arghhhh! Such a frustrating loss!!

    1. Good point. If he had taken off his mask, he might have seen that Arozarena had fallen down and there was no rush to field the throw and make a tag.

  7. Jansen and Roberts both need to go .
    Jansen was NOT even backing up home on Philips single.!
    He got so self important he intentionally balked runners from 2nd to 3rd so he didn’t have to give any extra effort for sign changes. Now he thinks he doesn’t have to back up plays.

    1. Dodgers need to get an exorcist to perform exorcism on Kenley Jansen, he’s been possessed by the ghost of Donnie Moore.

  8. Well if Kershaw reverts back to his normal post season failures tomorrow night we get the trifecta of Dodger post season failures. Baez-Jansen-Kershaw. Joined by their fearless leader Roberts! And by the way how many runners has Muncy left stranded this series?

    1. Don’t worry. Liz Habib and Steve Garvey on Fox 11 post game show already predicted Clayton Kershaw will choke away Game 5. I’m not making this up, even those two could predict Kershaw will revert back to his old self tomorrow.

    2. Don’t forget – our $300 million dollar man was 0-5 last night – several times with men in scoring position

  9. You can pinpoint the demise and fallout set in motion by another idiotic move by Roberts. 6th Inning when Treinen gave up the single, then walk…he struck out the next batter. Treinen seemed composed and rather than stick with or trust his pitchers…he panics and pulls him immediately afterwards. Baez got rocked and its downhill from there.

    I have said it for years…Roberts has to go. Even if by some miracle the players pull this off over his coaching and win this thing…he still needs to go.

    Because he has no faith or trust in his pitchers and panic reacts constantly, all it does it put more pressure for the batters to produce. That is no recipe for success. Game 2 is a good example.

    It never should have gotten to the 9th innings craziness. Momentum and pendulum is now on their side.

  10. Top 7th, no outs, Seager on 3rd, Turner on 2nd; Dodgers down 4-5, Muncy at the plate, instead of bunt in the sure run to tie the game, Dave Roberts lets him swing, Muncy struck out. 1 out, Will Smith at the plate, instead of bunt in the sure run, Roberts lets Smith swing, Smith struck out. This is the World Series, not playground baseball, every run counts. And this just gives everyone in the world a sample taste of how this Dumb Roberts manages the Dodgers. While everyone plays to win, Dumb Roberts plays to choke, it’s in his genes.

  11. Dodgers keep trying and don’t give up.

    Dave Roberts- Please listen to your fans and I mean LISTEN. The reason why they are upset with you has to do with the fact that you make choices that are not always the wisest when it comes to the bullpen. You say to the fans and the media that this is our year. But if you really want it to be our year, it starts with making huge changes of how you manage the bullpen. If you want to win major championships, it starts with having the best of the best starters. Those who can deliver and execute plays successfully and those who can pitch with consistency and patience. They should be able to do this well under pressure.

    Your resume from past games speaks for itself. If you want your fans to respect you as a manager and your team, you also have to do the same in return. It starts by listening to their feedback, even if it may bite you in the butt. Your fans wants what’s best for the team and the community. Also, try to set your pride aside.

  12. Keep on trying Dodgers.

    As for Mr. Roberts, it is unfortunate how you don’t always make the wisest decisions when it comes to managing your pitchers. It’s quite annoying! Don’t blame the other players who were doing their best to help your team score some points. Take responsibility for your actions.

    Your fans get frustrated at times has to do with your strategies. If you want to win, you have to pick pitchers who are able to deliver and execute consistently. That’s how it goes.

  13. 4 mistakes in the 9th, 1 why Jansen? 2 CT booted the ball, I think he could have thrown the ball all the way home but he didn’t. 3 Muncy threw the ball off-target. 4 why wasn’t Jansen backing up the catcher? He might have been able to get the ball and toss it to Smith for the last out-extra innings. Also, it may have made a difference if Smith took his mask off. It will be hard to shake this one off but they have to come back hard tomorrow and win. And yes, I too believe Graterol should pitched that last inning. Roberts pulled pitchers that were doing good, but leaves Baez after giving up a homer? And then another one? I’m starting to give up on Roberts.

    1. I completely agree with your analysis, Ruben. This was a painful, AVOIDABLE, loss. Many of us have repeatedly stated that we do not want to see Jansen in the 9th, especially in a high leverage situation (1 run lead.) Why Graterol was not used in the 9th of a very tight game is inconceivable to me; but, he was not. That inning (and leading up to it with Baez) was…well…an absolute disaster. I am taking a deep breath and hoping that our Dodgers can get locked in. With this being said, I must believe that we can overcome last night’s end of the game implosion and win tonight. I hope that Kershaw can turn in another stellar performance, which is desperately needed, and our offense manages to break through Glasnow (who has something to prove after losing.) GO DODGERS!!!

  14. Roberts was doing better outside of thinking that Kenley was back. Sometimes the other team hits the ball hard right at our players. That’s been Kenleys saves lately. And look how often his pitch hits the target tonight 4/5 missed. Yes, I agree, we needed to bunt with 2nd and third and no outs.
    So aggravating. And quit blaming Kershaw!

  15. The dodgers will not win any World Series with Roberts being the Manager. Last batter a left handed hitter bring in Gonzales. And it finally time to let Baez go to free agency and fire Roberts and eat Jansen money for one more year and release him. Only way we are going to win this series is that Kershaw and Beuhler can pitch us into deep in the game. Beats me how Baez and Jansen can look in the mirror knowing they probably cost is the series unless the rest of the team makes up for their failures. Roberts look good because of the players and not the his skills as a manager. So fed up with these 3 clowns.


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