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Dodgers World Series: Tony Gonsolin Gets the Game 2 Nod

The Dodgers were able to get 6 innings out of Clayton Kershaw on Tuesday, which should help with Wednesday’s bullpen game. Los Angeles doesn’t have any fully rested starting pitchers available, so they have no choice but to go that direction. 

Dave Roberts waited until after Game 1 to official name his starter for Wednesday night. The Dodgers will turn to Tony Gonsolin to get things going, fresh off of a 41-pitch appearance against the Braves on Sunday night. 

Gonsolin’s last few appearances have been less than inspiring. After a long break where he didn’t get a chance to pitch in a playoff game, he has now allowed 7 earned runs through 6.1 innings of work for the Dodgers. 

It’s not really clear how much the Dodgers are hoping to get out of Gonsolin in Game 2, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to at least see him match his Sunday pitch count. Tony getting 3 innings into the game would be huge for Los Angeles’ bullpen.

The good news is that Julio Urias and Dustin May are also technically available for this game as confirmed by Roberts. If the Dodgers can’t get much out of Gonsolin, look for them to go to 1 of those 2 guys to get deeper into the game before going to the bullpen.

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  1. Not a lot of great options here. But they need to leave Urias out of it so he can start Game 4 on normal rest and hopefully go 5 or 6 innings then.

  2. Gonsolin had pitched great all season. Then if you leave him on the bench the first 2 series wo pitching how good could you expect him to do? Doc could have at least had him pitch an inning or two to keep him sharp and give him the idea that you had confidence in him.
    Lets hope he can go at least 5, then May for 3 and have a big enough lead that Jansen can pitch the ninth.

    1. He threw 40 pitches Sunday; best they can hope for is 3 innings. If the Dodgers are up, they’ll probably go with Wood. I think they’d like to save May.

  3. There’s no great formula here. May could follow Gonsolin or you could go full bullpen after Gonsolin. It pains me to say it, but Wood could follow Gonsolin, and possibly hold off the rest of the bullpen until the 6th or 7th inning, and allow May to sit out with Urias. The biggest thing in the Dodgers favor is that the Rays are not the Braves offensively. Let Gonsolin go for as long as he is effective. He might surprise some people.

  4. There is no doubt Gonsolin can do the job. Of late, he has been a bit inconsistent. However, he is into the momentum of this series, and wants to play an integral role in aiding his team’s quest fora trophy and a WS ring. Go Blue!!!!

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