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Dodgers Would Love To Avoid Giants In Playoffs, Says Former Giants Player

What is it with former San Francisco Giants weighing in on the current Los Angeles Dodgers. Indeed – in a busy news cycle day for the Dodgers – a former Giant was chirping.

First, Bruce Bochy said not to poke the bear in the wake of ‘Go Get It Out of the Ocean-gate’. Then in the wake of poking the bear – several retired Giants took to twitter – only to say Madison Bumgarner would make mince-meat of Muncy.

Now, Ryan Theriot went on KBNR 680 air waves in San Francisco to say the Dodgers are scared of the Giants sneaking into the MLB postseason. Therefore, let’s look at what Theriot said.

Theriot seems to think that the Dodgers – owners of a 67-35 record – are concerning themselves with the Giants. At the current time, the Giants just crossed the .500 threshold on the year with a 51-50 mark. Apparently, that’s cause for a former Giant to get on his high-horse.

Here’s what Theriot said, verbatim:

“The last thing Los Angeles wants to see is the Giants if they win that (National League) Wildcard.”

Theriot played eight years in the big leagues, last for the Giants in 2012 when he won a World Series ring and earned the right to weigh in on things like this forever. While he owns a career OPS of .691 and 17 home runs – he allegedly knows that the 2019 Dodgers’ thoughts.

So what do you think? What are the odds that the Dodgers are sitting around thinking not of Atlanta, not about Milwaukee, not about Washington or even an American league foe; but the Giants?

Finally, I am only here to report the news. However, it’s my opinion that the Dodgers are focused on their day-to-day and a postseason run of whomever they draw. And knowing the ire of this Dodgers team, they would want to face the best; without dodging anyone.

Especially the San Francisco Giants.

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  1. Yeah, barely over .500 teams scare the Dodgers to death. Guarantee the giants will fall back below that mark before long, they just aren’t that good. Good for a laugh though Ryan so thanks for that.

    1. Who is Theriot and why would anyone give a damn about he thinks. Obviously he is a bum. Nevertheless, I sure would like to see the Dodgers bring the same kind of intensity to their next games as the Giants do together. Seem to oblige them games for some maddening reason. Also, hope Farhan stands pat and dooms his club for another five years.

  2. Former frisco players love to open their moufs. I was coming to accept this obvious fate but now that these dbags are opening their moufs I’m no longer accepting it.

      1. Theriot is just good at gum flapping, period. But the fact really is that the Giant’s total focus on this planet is the dodgers, meaning what they have or don’ have, what they do or don’t do. In other words, Clint their world revolves around the Dodgers, and no other team matters to them whether they lose or win against the other teams. they have what I call DOCD, which simply means Dodgers obsessive compulsive disorder.

  3. They had the chance the last year in that final series of the reg season but the Dodgers beat them and clinched to the playoffs, this year we have won 8 out of 13 games to the Giants including the last swept. So we are not afraid of kicking their teeth* in postseason, it would be great.

  4. I would be concerned about facing a team in the playoffs that is 51-50 now. Because in order to make the playoffs they would have to have a great second half, and it is how you are playing in September, not May and June that is important.

  5. F*** Theriot – a nobody – and MadBum – a crazy piece of trash – and Bochy an old fool – hope all three choke on their words.

  6. F*** Theriot – a nobody – and MadBum – a crazy piece of s*** – and Bochy – an old fool – hope all three choke of their words

  7. Clint,
    Why was my comment posted and then removed, since the F word was not spelled out AND since worse comments have been posted in the past?

  8. Clint,
    Why was my comment posted initially and then removed, since the F word was not spelled out AND because worse things have been posted?

  9. It seems that many Giants’ players (especially former), announcers and fans are obsessed with the Dodgers….poor things. They are really butt hurt when we are playing well. Instead of talking madness, they may want to pause and look at the standings. That way, the Giants, announcers and fans will be reminded of the performance disparity between our teams (regardless of how well the Giants are playing right now.) Although The Wild Card does seem a bit more attainable for “the moment”, we’ll see just how long this “winning streak” continues. If at such time we need to reevaluate the Giants’ relevance to the Dodgers’, we will. As of right now, however, I don’t believe that any Dodgers, Dodgers announcers or Dodgers fans are giving the Giants much thought…nor do we have to.

  10. Giants have a great manager. And right now they are doing it with smoke and mirrors. Without any doubt, they are excited about winning a few games. But without any solid performers other than Madbum, they will settle back to earth. There are just too many teams better than them in the 2nd wild card hunt.

  11. HA HA HA HA HA HA! SO many years of playing in the shadow of the Dodgers 18 titles to 8 over the last 50 years and counting……’s tough to take, I’m sure………even their three world series titles did not heal the wounds. The Giants are always trying to catch up and keep up with the Dodgers. They just cannot do it……..Their entire organization has an inferiority complex when it comes to anything blue. I did not realize even their former ballplayers are focused on it. (Grin!) How pathetic!

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