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Dodgers: Yasiel Puig Expresses Desire to Return to Play in LA

Former Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig would love to play for LA again in the future. Puig discussed his desire to be a Dodger again in a CBSLA Sports Central video at event for his Wild Horse Foundation.

“People keeping talking and texting me ‘Hey, come back to Los Angeles.’. It’s not about me, but we’re going to do the best we can everyday now, in Korea, for this season and the next season, to come back to the United States and hope God gives me the opportunity one day to come back to the Dodgers.”

NBC Sports reported this last December that Puig signed a one-year, $1M contract with the Kiwoon Heroes. The Heroes are member of the Korean pro league (KBO). Puig hasn’t played in the MLB since 2019. Puig played in the Mexican League last year and posted a .312 batting along with 12 home runs.

Puig burst onto the baseball scene in 2013 with a .925 OPS in 104 games played. He produced jaw dropping highlights, but his energetic style of play angered many baseball traditionalists. Especially Madison Bumgarner.

One could make the argument Puig was an early pioneer of the modern “make baseball fun” movement.

Across six seasons with the Dodgers, Puig slashed .270/.353/.479 and had an OPS+ OF 127. He was traded mid-season in 2018, along with Kyle Farmer, Matt Kemp, and Kyle Farmer, to the Reds in exchange for Jeter Downs, Homer Bailey, and Josiah Gray.

The Reds traded Puig the following season in a three-team deal that brought them pitcher Trevor Bauer.

The Wild Horse would love to return to his old stable in Los Angeles one day.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. I definitely don’t want him on the Dodgers. He’s immature, selfish, disruptive, divisive, volatile and impulsive. Many of his teammates were disgusted by his erratic behavior. He openly admitted that he never worked hard and didn’t follow management’s requests except when he was to be a free agent. Dodger brass know better than to bring him back.

  2. I would say Yasiel is a no-go. He had TWO good seasons with us. His first 2. A couple average years and a couple below average. And a cannon for an arm; but below average defense for his career. (Negative WAR). A 5 tool player who never allowed coaching to bring them out.

  3. I am not saying , unqualified, “yes !”
    However, perhaps he has learned humility, and teachability, and willingness to work hard. The Dodgers brass and coaching staff should take a long hard look at him, and make an educated decision.

  4. Well that would certainly be entertaining. Especially if the Dodgers brought Greinke back too!

  5. It’s amazing to me that Puig has not been shown more interest by MLB teams in the last couple of years. He put up some very good numbers in 2019, his last, for CINN and CLE. Was just starting his “prime” years too.

    I know there were some scandalous accusations made against him, since proven untrue and dropped. Yes, he was disruptive in the clubhouse too. Can probably say the same for many other teammates…Greinke *cough* * cough*

    He’s still fairly young though at 31, was always productive on the field and his energy was unparalleled. I think he’s matured much since being traded after the 2018 season too. He continues to shown his love of the game by accepting offers from lower level leagues and playing with the same childlike energy as before regardless.

    I would love to see him get a chance somewhere, especially back in Dodger Blue.

  6. Puig wants to play MLB with a MLB salary, for a WS contender??

    No kidding.

    Dream on.

  7. Puig wants to play MLB with a MLB salary, for a WS contender??

    No kidding.

    Too bad.

    ‘lousky – Ven-CH-ura CA

  8. I enjoy seeing Puig play, he’s entertaining and can sometimes do amazing things, I hope he returns to the bigs. But on the Dodgers? No, I don’t see that happening. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but juvenile and was apparently toxic in the clubhouse. I’m more likely to make the team and I haven’t played organized ball since little league.

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