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Dodgers: Yimi Garcia Stirs Up Some Controversy Following Win Over Los Angeles

The Dodgers loss on Sunday afternoon was an unfortunate one for a lot of reasons. They had to piece together a lineup after losing a few guys, including Chris Taylor and Corey Seager. The loss also ended a winning streak that had fans feeling pretty good. 

But Yimi Garcia sort of rubbed salt into the wounds following the Dodgers’ loss. Sort of. After the final out, the former Los Angeles reliever rolled the ball over to the home team’s dugout. That didn’t sit well with at least one player. 

Max Muncy could be seen staring down the Marlins when it happened. The Dodgers first baseman also threw the ball back to the Miami victory formation. We’ll let you be the judge of the video, but Dave Roberts didn’t see it and had no idea why he would do that.

No, I didn’t see that. I wouldn’t know the reason why he would take the baseball and throw it towards our dugout. No, I don’t know. 

Matt Beaty was standing near Muncy when the odd interaction went down. But after the game, he also said he didn’t know what had happened. 

Yeah, I’m not really sure what the intent was behind that. I didn’t see it, a couple of other guys saw it. I don’t really know too many details other than what I heard though. 

In all liklihood, there probably weren’t any bad intentions behind him rolling the ball to their dugout. Garcia spent almost 10 years in the Dodgers organization and pitched at the big league level for parts of 5 seasons. He seems to have reinvented himself in Miami though, locking down saves and pitching effectively. 

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What do you think? Does the video make it look like Garcia had some purpose behind rolling the ball to them? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Bro you were an inconsistent hack who gave up homers your entire time with us and you were given years to get better. Don’t act you were some star that the dodgers couldn’t see the talent in.

  2. Garcia certainly did this to perhaps rub it in a bit. But it’s amazing to see him and a few other players that upon leaving the Dodgers, they go on to be shining different players elsewhere.

    1. I notice that a lot w/ these former players who were traded or not renewed their contracts and ridiculed by the fans. These guys cannot handle the pressure of being a Dodger and the expectations of the organization, but funny how they can bring it when playing elsewhere.

  3. I agree. Garcia gave up a lot of homers when he was with the Dodgers and just could not seem to shut an inning down without a lot of traffic or issues. Sure, he was more than likely trying to rub it in because he was in his feelings when he pitched against us, but whatever. Its not surprising that he may do better on his new team than he did with us. When you think about it, Muncy and Turner play a lot better with the Dodgers, then they had with other teams.

    What I do know for sure, however, is that whenever the Dodgers are disrespected, Max lets everyone know that he is not having it.

    1. Good points Barb. My issue really is with Roberts and the Dodgers not showing any fight back against the opposing pitchers hitting and injuring at least 3 key players this year, costing them games missed and Seager out for 4 to 8 weeks. This abuse of our players has got to stop and I just wish Dodgers and Roberts did something other than just taking it. A lack of guts I guess.

      1. Totally agree. All that comes back to Roberts. He is like Mr. Stay Puft.. You dont have to head hunt but Way to many Dodgers being hit

  4. Yimi was definitely sending a subtle message to his former club. It’ll come out some day. Until then we don’t know if it was a little jab to something more meaningful. Max sure didn’t like it.

  5. To H**L with MUNCY They lost get over it so he rolled the ball over there big deal DODGERS SUCK

    1. What an Embarrassment. A San Diego Padre fan saying that the Los Angeles Dodgers suck. Dude go count all the Tony Gwynn batting titles that baseball never talks about and shut up!

    2. Padres rule? Rule what never winning a championship? Dodgers suck let’s rethink that ya? Try not having a garbage organization or ineptitude in your management then maybe Padres will rule something other than getting ass kickings courtesy of the 2020 world champion DODGERS!

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