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Freddie Freeman Talks Chemistry of 2023 Dodgers, ‘We’re Having Fun On the Field and Off the Field’

The Los Angeles Dodgers are playing great baseball right now, sporting a 35-23 record that’s tied for the best in the National League. Despite some key losses from the 111-win 2022 team, this year’s squad is picking up right where last year’s team left off in the regular season, and is even averaging 5.6 runs per game, which is better than the historic 5.2 runs per game they averaged last year.

This year’s squad is a perfect mix of veterans and young players, and the bond they’ve created just over two months into the year is unmatched. Ahead of the Dodgers’ 8-4 win over the Yankees on Friday night, reigning National League Player of the Month Freddie Freeman talked with Kirsten Watson of SNLA about the incredible bond this team has created just two-plus months into the year.

“It’s a group that came together really fast and close and we have a lot of fun in the clubhouse. We’ve been having fun on the planes. It’s just been a great time the first few months and that’s why we’re having fun on the field and off the field. It’s fun to come to the yard like that and you pull for each other a little bit more when you get closer to each other and not just teammates but you become friends with them. So I think that’s what’s been so fun about coming to the yard every day because everyone is close. And that creates a bond and that’s when the chemistry comes about and we’ve got that going on here.”


First of all, this is one of the more wholesome answers you’ll ever hear from a Major League Baseball player, talking about becoming friends with your teammates and pulling for them to play better. But on a more real note, the chemistry this team has shown has definitely contributed to some W’s in the win column.

Chemistry is an important thing in sports, something the San Diego Padres are likely learning at this point in the year. It’s not just about getting a ton of great players and hoping they each individually perform, but in baseball, you need an entire team to perform.

The Dodgers front office did a great job of mixing veteran leaders with up-and-coming stars, and it’s created an environment that everyone loves coming to every day.

The Dodgers decided to make both of their superstars happy, signing Mookie Betts’ close friend J.D. Martinez, and signing Freddie Freeman’s close friend, Jason Heyward.

Through two-plus months of the year, Betts and Freeman are playing like MVP candidates, Martinez is playing like a lock for the All-Star game and Heyward is having an incredible career revitalization.

Mix in hungry veterans like David Peralta and Miguel Rojas, and this Dodgers team is full of guys who want to win, and have experience doing it.

You can’t ask for a better situation as a young player, who get to use these resources to learn what it takes to make a long career in the big leagues. Add the fact that they’re all having fun together, and it’s a recipe for success.

The 2023 Dodgers may not have the star power in the lineup that the 2022 Dodgers had, but they clearly like playing with and for each other. And thus far, it’s making for a successful season.

And adorable wholesome moments like this one:

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