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Free Agent Chris Archer Throws at a Dodgers Facility and Sparks Internet Reactions

The MLB offseason is always a whole lot of ridiculous fun, but perhaps never more before than following the 2020 season. With player movement mostly stalled out due to the lack of leadership at MLB’s highest level, the rumors get more wild with each passing day. Dodgers fans have certainly experienced this over the last few weeks, looking for any clue as to what moves Andrew Friedman might make. 

So when free-agent pitcher Chris Archer appeared on his social media throwing at a Dodgers facility, the internet got a little wild. Archer missed the 2020 season after undergoing surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, ending his time in Pittsburgh after they landed him in a massive trade. 

It’s been a few years since Archer was at the top of his game with the Rays, but he is a guy that would make sense for the Dodgers on some level. Andrew Friedman was the Rays general manager when they traded for him back in 2011.

Adding to that, he could also make some sense in terms of depth if David Price chose not to play in 2021. There seems to be no indication that Price will opt out, though you have to believe the Dodgers want to be prepared for any situation. 

The Dodgers were also one of the teams in on Archer right before he was moved to Pittsburgh. A lot has happened since then though, as Archer has battled through injuries and watched his value plummet. 

Dousing the Flames of the Rumor Fire

I don’t want to rain on your parade if you’re a big fan of the idea of adding Archer, but I have to be realistic. Archer does train in Los Angeles during the offseason, and it’s possible this Dodgers location was the only place he could throw. It’s also not any sort of confirmation that this is an official Dodgers location or facility, but it’s fun to daydream. 

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  1. Archer is not an elite starting pitcher. he is not as talented as Gonsolin, May, or possibly Gonzalez or Gray.
    It’s interesting how everyone freaks out about the Dodgers and pitchers when they have an excess of starting rotation pitchers right now.
    Those excess starting rotation arms are what will help complete the bullpen in 2021 as Gray will need to be brought up soon.

    1. Agree, taskmaster. Dustin May has a really high ceiling. Would like him to get a solid rotation spot. And with Gonsolin? And Gray on the doorstep? We need to be looking at relief. As in Hand, Hendricks, etc. With ONE solid relief signing, I think our pitching will be set.

      1. I agree…we have a lot of elite arms. I do think we should strongly consider Hand…I do not want the Padres to land him.

      2. So does that change after we signed Treinen and Khanle? I wouldn’t mind giving him a 1 year prove it deal. He’s more seasoned than our young SPs. Doesn’t hurt to give him a shot on the low. I do agree we have a lot but Price is kinda holding things up I think.

  2. I think, with that high-spin slider and CB, I’d like to take a flyer if I were the pitching machine that is the Dodgers. At the very least he could maybe be a useful depth piece. Ideally, he could be an elite bullpen option. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

  3. Regarding Turner: sign him for 2 yrs and team option for 3rd year. I am guessing Dodgers want to stay under luxury tax scale. Trienen would be another arm to sign…2 yrs and team option for 3rd yr

  4. Don’t read to much into this. this is just a place to throw. This facility is in Thousand Oaks and my 8year old takes batting lessons there.

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