Giants Broadcaster Tells Alex Guerrero To ‘Grab Some Pine, Meat’

Madison Bumgarner, Alex Guerrero

The storyline of Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner squaring off for the second time in the young season has quickly been washed away by the exchange Bumgarner had with Alex Guerrero in the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

Guerrero spun out of the batter’s box after flying out on a breaking ball and it led to Bumgarner feeling the need to share his opinion on the Cuban native’s talent. Guerrero made his way back to the Dodgers dugout and said Wednesday he was unaware of Bumgarner’s actions until after the game.

The one-sided nature of the situation was further exacerbated by recent comments Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow made during an interview with KNBR 680 AM:

He’s got 22 at-bats and has five home runs and 15 RBIs. So this guy is thinking he’s the next big thing and I think everybody in Los Angeles is thinking he’s the next big thing … He does kind of a 360 out of the box and that ticked off Bumgarner. Number one, he ain’t been here that long to be doing stuff like that. And he [Bumgarner] basically told him, ‘You ain’t good enough to start doing this.’ He told him twice. And twice the response from Guerrero was, ‘head down, yes sir, thank you, thank you sir, yes sir.’ He was very respectful and humble, which he should have been.

Krukow continued to explain why Bumgarner took issue with Guerrero’s actions and said he expects to see more of the same type of behavior from the Dodgers’ utility man:

You don’t have any time up here, and here’s a guy who’s a legend out there on the hill, you don’t do anything that shows him up. And in Bumgarner’s mind, he did. I think Guerrero, the type of player that he is, I think we’re going to see more things like that. He’s a guy who’s got some flamboyance to him, but right now he doesn’t have enough time to really back it up so I think he became humbled quite quickly … He ain’t been here long enough, so grab some pine, meat.”

Given the two run-ins Bumgarner had with Yasiel Puig last season that were four months apart, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if this isn’t the only incident between Bumgarner and Guerrero this season. The next series between the Dodgers and Giants begins May 19 at AT&T Park.


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  1. Still don’t see how he showed up a pitcher on a pop out, I think this is being overblown.

  2. He didnt show up fuckgarner… and isnt it a little early to be calling his bitch ass a legend

  3. FUCK that ignorant dumb ass bumgarner, only because he had an okay few games he thinks that he can talk to other player like that. His the one that needs to grow up and grow a pair. Forget that dumb ass.

  4. The Giants broadcasters are as bias and as meaningless stuff gets blown out of
    portion. Alex Guerrero is a Cuban player who isn’t being disrespectful it’s the nature of the Cuban players. Puig isn’t a role model either. However the Umpires didn’t control the game. For example Lincecum rolls the baseball to the catcher,
    Brandon Crawford arguing strikes which is an immediate ejection and Bumgarner
    has no right in what he said.

  5. Unmm, your definitely not Vin Scully bud. Vin Scully is a class act and the best announcer in Sports. You should take notes on how he approaches his craft day in and day out. Vin Scully is always fair in announcing games and is not biased even though he bleeds Dodger Blue. Take notes from a class act Hall of Famer.

    1. Heck, the Sporting News thinks that Kuiper and Krukow could be the best announcers out there. I personally find them to be unabashed Homers. And unfortunately, I have to deal with listening to them often as I live up here in Pumpkin Land.

      1. Living in the Bay Area, I hear “Kruk & Kuip” a lot. Krukow’s probably great if you’re under 12 years old. Beyond that, he’s a never-ending source of clichés, augmented by fascination over the mental challenge of a pitcher choosing between a curve and a fastball on his next pitch.

  6. Screw you Krukow. You were a second rate pitcher and you are a third rate broadcaster. BumGarner needs some anger management classes.

        1. He gets beat on two homers on back-to-back pitches to knock the g – dudes out of the playoffs.

  7. Well, he ain’t wrong. When you got someone as good as Bumgarner giving you tips on how to play professionally, you listen. Maybe the Dodgers would be a better team if they were more worried about the “team” and less worried about the “me”.

      1. Damn, I’m not sure how to respond. That joke is so old, I feel the need to show respect, but its coming from a Dodgers fan, so I can’t respect it. What to do…..

        1. it is not a joke;when you post what you did it makes you a moron;nothing to do with being a dodger fan;your guy made a fool out of himself and somehow you defend him

          1. Not my guy, but I can see how you’d get confused. You’re an idiot, so it just happens.

          2. This is why people don’t like Dodger fans, you lack the cognitive ability to engage in a little friendly team-bashing. You’re too sensitive. Which explains why you’re a Dodgers fan to begin with. Perhaps you should leave and let the big boys play for a while. Want me to tuck you in and read you a story?

          3. i gonna guess you are about 15 years old and if im right you get a pass.if i am wrong revert back to my original post;the big boys;really;lol

          4. Wow, not only are you intellectually ill-equipped, but you’re also a liar. You’re just a complete personification of everything wrong with the Dodgers. I wonder if they’ll be a better team if you stopped watching.

          5. how am i a liar?are you retarded?show me one thing i said that makes me a liar.i think you are incredibilly stupid but the bottom line is you dont agree with me and i dont agree with you.it does not make me a liar.wow

          6. “cant waste my time with you;bye bye” You lied. You can waste your time with me. We’re in this together.

      1. Quite easily. Their fans are the worst in MLB, the city is crap, and your response to this will be crap too.

  8. I work in SF, hate the Giants and can not stand the way he calls a one sided game! If the other team he has some kind of an excuse, if the giants make an error he has an excuse!
    You listen to Ray Fosse announce an A’s games, he always gives credit where credit is due, no matter what team is playing! And he’s an A’s legend and is always fair! Krukow is a whining bitch as well as that Bum Fuck!

  9. i stopped taking it seriously when the word legend was put in the same sentence with bumgarnter.sandy koufax is a legend.bob gibson is a legend.madison bumgarnter is a guy who pitched very well in the playoffs last year.period.lets see what he does in the next few years before we call him a legend.

      1. He is a moron for telling the truth? That’s why Vin is the best announcer becase he is a class act, a different breed of announcer that really isn’t around any more. Other announcers need to take note and learn how to shut their mouths.

  10. next time dodgers need to charge the mound and play a little chin music with bun-gardner

          1. Are you around central Cali at all . Maybe we could continue this convo in person!

          2. If I had nothing to lose I swear to you that I would go to prison for life after what I would do to you with my bare hands! !!!! Nobody is stupid enough to than me…… but you. Too bad you can’t see me in person before you make that threat!!!!!! If I say more i may go back to the pen. …your little pussy ass has my blood boiling. I hate the Internet. Bunch of tough guys behind their keyboards. I am ashamed to be so hypocritical in that i am doing the same thing. Look for me ata tattoo shop off of Central and Broadway in Glendale California….nuff said!!!

      1. Because he’s 6’5″? The only thing height benefits a man is being able to pick the highest fruit on a tree.

  11. Are you dogers fucks serious, talk about homers! How many titles do you have recently. Kiss my homer ass!

  12. krukow is terrible. but no one would ever mistake him for the class act that is a vin scully or some of the other great announcers in this game. we all know madbum is a jerk. no news there. but for your commentators to go on the record and call the opposing team’s player, “meat”…well, that just shows you the kind of jackassery that’s in the giants organization.

  13. What’s all this ‘haven’t been here long enough ‘ crap? If that bum Gardner had an ounce of class, he’d just shut up and throw the ball. Let’s see how he does against the starters instead of Mattingly’s AAA lineup.

    Also, what makes these idiots.idiot think Guerrero was being so “humble”? Ever hear of sarcasm?


    1. ????
      Now that is from a child.
      It’s okay to be upset, but at the very least, make some sense.

  15. What kind of fucking things will make a hand to hand deal with a network to only allow their games viewable on their broadcast?gayass sellouts, that’s who!

  16. Bumgarner a legend? In what? Certainly not baseball. He is a good pitcher, but he is no legend. What’s funny is that Guerrero probably did not even know what he said. Screw that punk, he’s just mad about being in the basement.
    Mike Krukox, you suck!!! Way to make something out of nothing, no wonder you announce for San Francisco- let me guess, you think Bonds actually owns the homerun records…. not if you cheated, nice legacy of the Giants.

  17. I use to respect Bumgarner as a player before, but he’s turned into the biggest punk on the field. In no way shape or form did Guerrero show up bumgarner after that at bat. He was clearly upset that he missed a pitch that he should have blasted into the bleachers just like the other game in San Francisco. This is why I I’m not a fan of the whole “giant nation” or its broadcasting team, and why I appreciate Vin scully even that much more. That man is a class act and a great ambassador for the game. Honestly I’m not surprised at the commentators comments. I’ve been living in the city (San Francisco) for 6 years now and that’s how the guy commentates. He makes smart athletic comments and the people her love him for it. But yeah, enjoy the rings Bumgarner, you earned them. But you ain’t winning anymore punk.

  18. Vin Scully would never belittle any player.
    That is what separates Vin form the other announcer. Acting like a child is not professional. Mr. Krukow needs a few years to mature, so he does’t keep repeating such childish comments.
    One man is class the other childish.

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