Giants Fan Wears Sweatshirt With Critical View Of Dodgers (PHOTO)

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the bad blood between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants spills over to the fans of each team. Although there was a time when the rivalry went too far and fans were involved in sometimes fatal attacks, both fan bases have kept their differences relatively peaceful in recent years.

While the reports of violence have subsided, the hostility between the Dodgers and Giants hasn’t. Madison Bumgarner had two run-ins with Yasiel Puig last season and one with Alex Guerrero this year. Bumgarner’s incident with Guerrero came six days after the utility man hit a home run off the Giants’ ace.

Giants infielder and Cal State Long Beach product Matt Duffy said in February he believed he hates the Dodgers more than Giants fans do. Clothing companies have capitalized on the disdain and competitiveness among fans, with one example being Nike’s “Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles” t-shirt, which pokes fun at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

That shirt however, isn’t nearly as opinionated as the sweatshirt a Giants fan was recently captured wearing, via @MrWilliamJSmith on Twitter:

Giants fan hates Dodgers

Baseball is often referred to as the child’s game, but this sweatshirt may take the rivalry just a bit too far. The idea that any person would teach their child to hate anyone, let alone a baseball team, is unfortunate.

The spirit of the game should not be lost within a rivalry. And although rivalries can become heated, it is important to remember that baseball at the end of the day is just that — a game. The Dodgers are 2-4 against the Giants this season and the two teams will renew their rivalry Tuesday when they begin a three-game set at AT&T Park.


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  1. As a dodgers fan, I hate the Giants. But it only goes to smack talk, never beyond that. That being said, I think this article, just reveals one side of the story, I’ve seen posts and shirts that say almost the same thing towards the Giants. Let’s not single out one fan base’s error without pointing out our own.

  2. They make the SAME SHIRT with every single teams rivalry on it. But regardless, if you DON’T hate the Giants then you’re not a Dodgers fan (or vice versa)

    1. 51 year old Dodger fan here, I have learned, I dislike Giant Fans, I respect the way the Giants have been playing the past 5 years.

  3. I could care less what Giant fans think or say My daughter married a Giant fan and became one herself…..that is there choice….I have always enjoyed the fact that the Dodgers won 5 titles in LA before the Gnats got 1 in SF

    1. Last 5 years must’ve been a bit tougher for you then, hmm? Giants have gotten 3 in 5 years while the last time you guys won one was in 1988, 27 years ago.

      1. Actually Dave no..Because unlike a lot of fans, I realize it isn’t that easy. That’s why the Cubs have waited so long, the Angels have only won 1, the Astro’s Rangers, and Nationals have never won…you can gloat if you like, I really do not care………it took the Giants 52 years in SF to win that first one…..and it was 56 years between titles since the last one in NY was in 54. So in their first 7 years in LA, the Dodgers won 3……and 5 in LA trumps 3 in SF….

        1. Oh I realize how hard it is too, the Giants got swept when I was little in ’89, and lost in 7 to your neighboring “LA” team after being up 3-2, so I’m well aware of how difficult it is to win. Which is why im thankful the Giants won one WS in my life let alone three. I’m glad you brought up the entire history of the franchise going back to NY, because that makes it 8-6 Giants 😉 you have us in CA, we had you in NY. I celebrate the whole franchise, since I’m not from SF.

  4. I taught my daughters 3 phases when they were young (3-4 years old); Go Niners, Boo Dodgers, and Hum Baby!! We teach them young…

  5. Lifetime Dodgers fan, born and raised 65 miles north of San Francisco. I think as I’m sure many fans on both sides do, that the season would be long and boring if the two teams didn’t have each other. Most of my family and friends are giant fans, and it’s like a playoff or world series game every time they play. I know we all hate to admit it, but we need each other, we want each other. Good teams, great rivalry, great friends n family.
    GO BLUE!

    1. I too am a lifelong Dodgers fan, born and raised 55 miles north of SF. However, so are both my parents, siblings, and now my girlfriend. Unfortunately most the extended family are the ignorant type, and always try to talk shit. Kinda hard when they’re looking up at us in the standings.

      1. I actually like the Dodgers! I lived in LA 5 years and after all the dodger talk I fell for it. But I still love my Giants. And it’s Not hard to look up at you in the standings at all. It’s actually comical. It reminds us of what happened last year! Congrats LA Dodgers on winning the West 2014!!!

      2. Looking up in the standings during the season, huh? Better than looking up at the World Series champions at the end of the season…. Go Giants!

        1. You’re right. The second place 2014 Giants did very well last season. Congrats,

          1. Second place in the division for the regular season, and still WS Champs at the end of the season. Plenty of wild card teams have won championships in multiple sports. You don’t have to win your division to win it all, do you discount every championship team that didn’t also win their division?

          2. Of course not. The Giants are the WS Champs pure and simple. It hurts though being a Dodgers fan, especially one that has lived in Nor Cal for 40 years. I feel we had a superior team and inferior management. But that is why they play the games.

  6. Love to hate the giants. With that being said its all trash talk part and post of our great rivalry which is one of the best in all of sports not just baseball. Everyone should have fun with it but never allow it to go into real feelings
    of hatred or of course anything to do with violence. Big series coming up Tuesday and have Clayton pitching on Thrusday lets hope the real Clayton shows up and shuts the giants down..Huraaaaaaa GO DODGERS beat those stinking giants!!!

  7. So…because one guy wears a t-shirt that’s ignorant, that makes ALL the fans rotten apples? I don’t follow that logic, let alone why this article is even posted. smh!

      1. What’s a Giant fan doing on a Dodger board? Closet fan? Oh you’re a Giant fan so you already came out of the closet.

          1. Giants fans and some subtle hate for the LGBT community too, yeah that sounds about right. Self-loather are you? I pity people like you. It’s just a game.

          2. And why do I give a fuck what you say or think again? Refresh me on that?

          3. Cuz SWEEEEEEEP! And a shutout sweep at that. MadBum outscored your whole team for the SERIES as a pitcher.

        1. Immediately dodger fans talk about coming out of the closet. Nothing new, you guys got nothing except your pride and joy west Hollywood which is a much larger gay community than the small district SF has. So it makes sense that it’s the first thing dodger fans wanna talk about. What am I doing on this page? Yes I like the Dodgers. I lived in LA 6 years and I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks. Nobody is restricted to liking a certain amount of teams

  8. I think the shirt is funny. It would be funnier the other way around though. I’ve taught my kids to hate the Giants since birth. It’s like the old saying goes ” if you can’t say something nice, you must be talking about the San Francisco Giants”.

  9. I am a Dodger fan, born and raised in Southern California, my dad has always been a Dodger fan, baseball is history why do we have to use the word hate on clothing where any sport in concerned. There have been so many great players throughout history, I’m not a fan of the Yankees, but if I can get a signed ball or card of Babe Ruth I’m going to love it. No matter what I love my Dodgers

    1. How’s it feel to get swept, again, by those “loser” Giants? And shutout on top of that.

  10. Sports hate is different then real hate. its just sports. I hate the Giants, but i dont actually hate the actual player. I dont know them to really hate them. So sayng that, screw the Giants lol

  11. I renounced my hatred of the Giants after the Bryan Stow beating. I figured since this man had to give up his former life behind some sports rivalry, I can pay tribute to him by giving up my former life as someone who flows power to it. I’m not urging anyone else to do the same, this was simply my choice. Out of respect for Bryan Stow and his family.

    1. And what happened with the Dodger fan who was murdered a block or so from their stadium. Does anyone know if those killers were ever caught? I find that a lot more disturbing then what happened to Stow.

      1. What difference does that make? I’m supposed to feel less bad for Stow? Why am I even talking to you? You’re an idiot.

  12. The good thing about this pic is that the Gigantes were losing, as evidenced by the “rally cap” worn by the guy on the right!

    1. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! bye bye dodgers, couldn’t even score a single run. Our pitcher scored more runs in one at-bat than your team in a whole series.

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