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Giants Giving Away ‘Beat LA’ Shirts Against Dodgers in Another Embarrassing Giveaway

The Los Angeles Dodgers are heading to San Francisco later this month to take on their bitter-rival Giants. Entering Wednesday, the Dodgers are 38-24, a whopping nine games ahead of the Giants in the National League West.

The Giants were the class of Major League Baseball in the early 2010s, but since then, the Dodgers have taken over the NL West. The Dodgers have won 10 of the last 11 NL West titles, and their only division-title loss came to the Giants — but the Dodgers ousted the Giants in the NL Divisional Series later that year.

The Dodgers have dominated the rivalry since the Giants’ World Series run ended, and the Giants have resorted to trying to take down the Dodgers off the field — and this year, they’re stooping to new lows.

The Giants are giving away not one but two Dodgers-centric giveaways this year.

On June 30, the team is giving away Mickey Mouse ears, an ode to what some people like to call the Dodgers’ “Mickey Mouse World Series title” in 2020.

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But recently, a new giveaway was revealed — and it may be even more embarrassing.

On June 29, during the same series, the Giants are giving away “Beat L.A.” shirts. Rather than focusing on their own team and players, the Giants are trying to take advantage of the popularity of the Dodgers — something they’ve already done this season with Shohei Ohtani.

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This is a pretty bad look for the Giants, and Dodgers Nation’s Doug McKain let them hear about it on the Dodgers Dougout Live Show.

“Are the Giants this obsessed with the Dodgers at this point? That they have to have a giveaway where it’s a Hawaiian shirt. They give you a ‘Beat L.A.’ Aloha shirt on Saturday, June 29. You see towards the bottom where it says ‘Beat L.A.’ to use the Dodgers all season long like they had because the Dodgers are the only thing that’s keeping the Giants interesting. They’re the ones that are putting butts in the seats. They’re the ones that they’re featuring in their marketing campaigns and their giveaways. And look, I guess it’s so expensive to live in San Francisco that, hey, it’s good for the Dodgers because the Dodgers are living rent-free in the minds of the San Francisco Giants’ marketing department. I just don’t get it. Why can’t you just love your own team? Why can’t you just give out stuff that highlights your own players? Look, I mean, I get it like there’s no ‘Beat S.F.’, there’s no ‘Beat N.Y.’, there’s no Beat Boston’. ‘Beat L.A’. is iconic, but still, I just can’t believe it. I mean, hating the Dodgers is the Giants’ personality trait at this point. And all they have right now is to root against the Dodgers. It’s just sad. It really is sad.”

Doug McKain via Dodgers Dougout Live

The Giants will need to start playing good baseball if they want to remain relevant in the NL West. If not, it appears they’ll have to keep coming up with Dodger-related giveaways to keep their fans interested.

Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. I’ve long said that it says something pretty pitiful about Giants fans that their favorite cheers when they face us isn’t to cheer for their own team, but to cheer against us. How good can a team truly be when their own fans root against their opponents rather than for the hometown nine?

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