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Hot Stove: Jon Heyman Suggests Yu Darvish Turned Down a Huge Deal

The race for Yu Darvish is looking like it’s coming to an end, despite the condition of Major League Baseball’s free agency. After months of wondering what Darvish would do, Jon Heyman has suggested in a recent article that he turned down a deal worth 110 million dollars. Heyman suggested that the offer was over a five year term, which would make him a twenty-two million dollar man. So what does this mean? Not much at this point, but it’s certainly worth noting. On his article, Heyman had this to say about Darvish:

Darvish, who playfully hinted at interest with clever tweets only a couple weeks ago, has been thought to be getting closer to a deal in each of the preceding couple weeks, with none to be had. One team source suggested they offered $110 million over five years, and was surprised to be told “thanks, but no thanks.”

Well for Los Angeles, it just narrows down the list of teams who could pry Darvish away as noted earlier in the month. While nothing is official, it’s safe to assume that the Dodgers were not the team to offer up this contract. Especially given the luxury tax complications that have plagued the team all off season. It’s possible that the Twins are the team that got the cold shoulder given the reports they had officially offered Darvish a contact.

If Darvish is no longer considering this mystery team, then the options are likely down to 5 teams. The Dodgers, Cubs, Rangers, Brewers, and Astros have long been considered the front runners to land the ace. Of those teams, the Dodgers are the one who financially probably make the least sense. Los Angeles’ front office has said it time and time again this off season that they plan to trim their budget and reset the tax penalty. Especially if they plan on making a serious run at resigning Kershaw after his opt-out. He definitely will opt out after this year, and they definitely will pursue him to the ends of the earth.

What Has to Happen Between Now and Spring Training?

If Darvish is realistically wanting to return to Los Angeles, a lot has to happen in a short time. But as the Cleveland Cavaliers demonstrated earlier today, anything can happen in a very short period of time. Matt Kemp and his ridiculous salary are going to have the leave LA, or at least a decent chunk of it. Every other player on the payroll has way too manageable of a salary, making Kemp the odd man out. Hundreds of reporters have gone over the hundreds of ways Kemp could be dumped, but it’s certainly going to come down to creativity. The front office has proven quite often that they are incredibly savvy in their budgeting skills.

Perhaps we might see Kemp packaged with prospects, or even shipped off along with one of the log jammed outfielders. Or this could all be for nothing. Darvish could sign with any team in baseball at any minute. Personally, I can’t wait for him to sign. Regardless of where he ends up (please not Houston). It has grown tiring to constantly wonder where one of the biggest names in free agency will call home.

Here’s the good news: Baseball is almost back friends. Can you feel it?

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