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How New Rules Will Impact Dodgers: Why LA Won’t Have Advantage, Which Players Will Be Impacted Most?

MLB’s new rules are officially here and the Dodgers will need to adjust to the new-look game for 2023. The pitch clock is a huge change, with hitters and pitchers being charged balls and strikes for infractions. More details below. The bases are bigger, increasing from 15 inches to 18 inches to promote more stolen bags in the game. And the pitcher can only throw over to attempt a pick off twice without any penalty. If they throw over a third time and do not successfully pick off the runner, all runners will be awarded the next base.

The next biggest change that will affect the Dodgers most this season is the restriction on defensive shifts. Los Angeles has been the best team in baseball when it comes to shifting over the last few years and now that advantage is reduced.


Pitch Clock Details

With no runners on base, the clock is set at :15 seconds. If runners are on base, it’s :20 seconds. A pitcher must begin his delivery before the clock counts down to 0. And the hitter must be looking toward the pitcher before the clock hits :8 seconds left.

If the infraction falls on the hitter, a strike is added to the count. If it lands on the pitcher, a ball is added. Batters can walk and strike out on infractions.

The pitch clock starts as soon as the pitcher receives the ball. Pitchers can ask for new baseballs but must do so before the clock reaches :8 seconds. Batters are allowed one time out per at-bat.

There is a :30 second clock for a new batter coming to the box. In between innings changes will remain set at 2:30.

Are there any potential loopholes? As of now, technically yes… as long as a runner is on base. A catcher is allowed to attempt pick offs as many times as they want. If this is abused, it will surely be addressed.

Manager Challenges

Another addendum to the pitch clock is that managers will be allotted less time to decide whether or not they want to challenge a call on the field.

Managers now must hold up their hands immediately to signal to the umpires that they are considering a challenge of a play, and they will have only 15 seconds from that point to inform the crew chief that they want a play reviewed.

Managers previously had 10 seconds before they even had to decide whether to signal to the umpires that they were considering a challenge and 20 seconds from that point to decide whether to challenge the play.

Via Los Angeles Times

Position Players Pitching

The rules on this also changed once again.

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