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It’s Official : Frank McCourt Has 3 Finalist Approved

Frank Has One Week To Choose The Winning Bidder

Today, MLB owners hosted a conference call at 5:00pm ET to vote on the final 3 bidders. Each bidder needed approval of 75% or more to move on to the final round of bidding, exclusively with Frank McCourt. Bill Shaikin just reported that all 3 bidders have been approved.

The auction will start tomorrow and Frank McCourt has until April 3rd (one week) to decide on the winner. At that time they’ll spend the next few weeks closing the deal. That said, let’s review the final 3 bidders and see who appears to be our best fit.

The Finalists:

Magic Johnson Group – Clearly a fan favorite and rightfully so. Magic Johnson is a local legend. He has proven success in leadership and would have the best interest of our city in mind. This is exactly the type of leadership the Dodgers need and to me, would be a dream come true.

Stan Kroenke – This man owns the St. Louis Rams, the Denver Nugget, and the Colorado Avalanche. Even attempting to own the Dodgers would have him breaking a NFL owners rule.

I not looking for an owner that could possibly want the Dodgers simply to bring his football team here. That might be his dream, but it’s not the dream of 99.5% of the fans. Don’t get me wrong, I want a Football team in LA, just not at the cost of anything to do with the Dodgers.

Steven Cohen & Patrick Soon-Shiong – Here we have two multi-billionaires. Cohen, from the east coast and currently has four employees battling inside trading charges. Soon-Shiong a minority owner of the Lakers.

Obviously money is not an issue. However, the best interest of the Dodgers could be an issue. Excuse me for being paranoid,but I’m not alone here. MLB raised the same concerns with the inside trading chargers, which is why Cohen went out and added Soon-Shiong to his team. Soon-Shiong adds local support along with money to back the team if there ever was an issue with Cohen.

So, it comes down to who Frank McCourt chooses. One of these 3 final bidders have already asked about selling naming rights to Dodger Stadium. Another might simply want this deal to bring his NFL team to Los Angeles. Regardless of speculation one thing that is for sure, new ownership is right around the corner.

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