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Joc Pederson Wants to Try Out for the LA Rams

The entire sports world was shocked when Tim Tebow was signed by the New York Mets. Some thought it was disrespectful to baseball players everywhere, whereas others thought the guy deserved a shot. Well, it seems like Tebow inspired our center fielder, Joc Pederson!

On Thursday, Joc tweeted that he missed football and asked the Los Angeles Rams if he could get a tryout!

Surprisingly, the Rams responded and said that they would review his film! Take a second to watch the beauty of Joc make that leaping catch…

Of course the Dodgers had to get in on this and responded with a simple gif of Joc looking stunned. I don’t think they’re for the idea, unfortunately.

This was all clearly a joke, but if you had to choose a Dodger who you think could make it in the NFL, who would it be? Let us know on Twitter @DodgersNation! Something tells me the Wild Horse, Yasiel Puig, is going to get the most votes.

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