The Best Place to Sit at Dodger Stadium to See Celebrities


When celebrities attend Dodgers games, have you ever wondered what their seat preference is? Does a regular attendee find themselves sitting next to a celebrity in the Top Deck, perhaps in the Loge Level or Pavilions? Wrong. Celebrities and the “Who’s Who” of Hollywood sit in a very exclusive part of the Dodgers Stadium known as the Lexus Dugout Club.

So, if you want to take a selfie or snapchat with a celebrity, it’s still possible for the starting price of $600 for a single game ticket. If you ever get the chance or get invited to attend a game in the Dugout Club, by all means stop what you are doing and go. It will be the best Dodger experience of your life.

The Lexus Dugout Club is located directly behind the Dodgers home plate, it would be meerly impossible to miss a play. If your seats are in the first five rows you’ll hear the players conversations and after the game is over you will have the pleasure of exiting alongside with the players.

The seating chart begins with the first sections of 1-15, and circles around the infield and dugout. The Club offers exclusive in-seat service with complimentary food, preferred parking, and access to two full upscale bars, including the Martini Lounge. For each Dugout Club ticket purchased you will get one night at a luxurious suite. This is the ultimate “VIP” or “Exclusive” package at Dodgers Stadium. No wonder this is the “preferred” seating for celebrities.

So let’s see who has been seen at the Lexus Dugout Club:

Tommy Lasorda, former Dodgers manager, can be spotted through out the luxurious Dugout Club, whether you catch him grabbing a bite from the upscale buffet or ordering a drink from the Martini Lounge, Lasorda is always seen at the Dodgers games front row and center.

Magic Johnson, former Laker and Dodgers owner, not only does he spend most of his time at the extravagant Dugout Club, but he celebrates his birthday at Dodgers Stadium. Johnson prefers to sit front and center on the left side of the first five rows. Johnson enjoys socializing with fans and celebrities and striking a pose for a selfie.

David Beckham, former L.A. Galaxy soccer player, is seen regularly at the Dodgers games with his boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz sitting third row from the home plate.

Kobe Bryant, former Laker, has been a loyal fan of the L.A. Dodgers. When he attends a Dodgers game, you know the former MVP will definitely be VIP in the first three rows, preferably in the aisle.

Ice Cube born and raised in South Central L.A. has been a loyal Dodgers fan. Cube usually sits within the first nine rows of the dugout club and when he isn’t attending the games Cube watches them from the comfort of his home.

Snoop Dogg, a Long Beach native and long time Dodgers fan always supports the boys in blue and has had the honor of throwing the first pitch.

D’Angelo Russell, L.A. Lakers basketball player, participated in a Hollywood Stars game against fellow Laker, Julius Randle at the Dodgers game against the San Francisco Giants on Saturday, Aug. 27th. Before Hollywood Stars, Russell was seen alongside Randle watching the game from the first row.

Luke Walton, former Laker and now head coach of the Lakers, was invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch on Saturday, July 30th against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

R&B singer, Tinashe, slayed the National Anthem during the Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox game on Sunday, Aug. 7th and was seen taking photos on the field with fans.

Zac Efron, actor, flew-in from the Rio Olympics and attended the Aug. 24th Dodgers game against the Giants. Efron was spotted in the second row cheering with a group of friends.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are no strangers to the Dugout Club, while they cheer on their home team, the two can be seen displaying an excess amount of PDA.

Alyssa Milano is a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Milano has been invited to throw the first pitch at many Dodgers games.

Adam Sandler is a New York Yankees fan, however, Sandler loves baseball and he lives in L.A., so it’s only right that he wears blue when attending the Dodgers game.

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea, a lifelong fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers attends games when he is not touring. Fans can spot Flea cheering on the boys in blue from behind the home plate.

Comedian George Lopez, a Los Angeles native, has been attending Dodgers game since 1966. What makes Lopez special is that he had the experience of watching games from different parts of the Dodgers Stadium. Now he prefers the Dugout Club seating.

Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers basketball player, can be seen hanging out in the field before the Dodgers game with his son, Chris Paul Jr. and has thrown the ceremonial first pitch.

Mario Lopez, actor, when he is not in his seat, he can be seen on the field catching up with Tommy Lasorda.

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The Dodgers welcomed the Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Jared Goff to throw the first pitch on June 6th against the Colorado Rockies. Goff, a Northern Calif. native, is a lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants but cleared up his Twitter beef with outfielder Yasiel Puig.

Paul Pierce, L.A. Clippers forward and former Boston Celtic, was invited to throw out the first pitch for the Dodgers during “Clippers Night” on July 28, 2015. Pierce was booed, we would like to think it was due to the bad pitch and not the Celtic/Laker rivalry.

Josh Duhamel, actor, has attended Dodgers games with his wife, Fergie and son, Axl Jack. Duhamel and company prefer to sit in the second row. When Fergie can’t make it to a game, he spends quality time with Axl Jack rooting on the Dodgers.

Now you know where you can find your favorite celebrities at the Dodgers Stadium. So go ahead and splurge, if you have that kind of dough, and have the time of your life at the old ball game. Hopefully fans can see Vin and Tommy sitting next to each other in the 2017 season.

All That’s Left To Say Is Wait ‘Til Next Year


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