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Justin Turner Rumors: Rival Team Emerges as Possible Destination for Long Time Dodgers Star

The Dodgers just sealed the deal with former All-Star Noah Syndergaard and also are bringing back LA legend, Clayton Kershaw for his 15th season in Dodger blue.

But the team has yet to answer a few questions about who next year’s starting shortstop will be and also whether or not they will resign Justin Turner after refusing to offer him a qualifying offer this year.

But while the Dodgers have been suspected of resetting their luxury tax by not making too many moves, their division rival down South has been very busy this offseason.

Thanks to his recent 11-year, $280 million contract, including a $5 million signing bonus, Xander Bogaerts protects the Padres from the opt-out of Manny Machado after 2023 and the potential loss to free agency of outfielder Juan Soto after 2024.

But the Padres have their eyes set on some extra hitting power this upcoming season. Rumor has it they’ve been looking at RedTurn2 to join their squad, according to Ken Rosenthal of the Athletic.

“For now, the Padres are looking for another starting pitcher and another hitter, with Justin Turner among their possibilities in the latter category.”

There has already been talk that the Dodgers have been trying to work out a deal with JT to return to LA but after LA just recently signed a new Silver Slugger in J.D. Martinez, who looks to primarily play DH this upcoming season.

But do the Dodgers really need two designated hitters? Most likely no, therefore it doesn’t look all too good for the possibility of Justin Turner staying in LA. What do you guys think? Will JT head to the enemy, find a home elsewhere, or possibly split time with Martinez?

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Kristilyn Hetherington

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  1. R U telling me you the D’s don’t need the extra power as much as any other team. The Dodgers owe it to JT. Look at how he turned his season around last year. Keep JT he can hit and he’s as solid as a rock defensively.

  2. Dodgers are idiots..JT please leave to another team who can use you, and whom you can help to beat a team like the ” unloyal” Dodgers..they can resign Clayton, but nothing left in tank for you…are you kidding???Dodgers trying to “Buy” world series..good luck, not going to work…again!!!

  3. JT deserves another 2 years and 16 million should have never been a problem as him and Muncy have been underpaid big time fir their big offensive numbers they have put up.

  4. Starting to lose my Blue blood since the departure oh so many fan faves and seeing no marked improvement in the post season?

  5. Why has LA not talk to Justin Turner? Ken Rosenthal get your act together and see what is happening with Justin Turner.? He does not want to sign with any other team. He is leader for LA and respected by all the players.Get LA to give him a contract.

  6. Time to let the kids play and build for the future, it’s been proven they can’t buy a world series


  8. I think it is time to let JT go. His hitting has been okay but I shiver when he is in the field and makes his side arm throws towards a base.

  9. Jt needs to be a Dodger for another year or two and then retire. He is a good assett to the team.

  10. JT and Belly are what we need to stay on the dodgers!!!°•€•??? s@#%&*&%@%why???

  11. Do NOT DO NOT get rid of Justin Turner. He is a great player and a great leader, respected by all Keep him please.

  12. His asking price is probably too high for his current value as seen by the braintrusts. He was paid handsomely for his past years and management feel it is time to move in a new direction. I also think the Dodgers are preparing themselves for a shot at Ohtani by freeing up some money and not spending big, like other teams.

  13. so sad I’m going to stay in and comfort stroke my Justin Turner bobble head replica all day.

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