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Ken Rosenthal Breaks Down Dodgers True Interest In Bryce Harper

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been connected to Bryce Harper through rumor for weeks. Now, those rumors are beginning to become a little more concrete.

Ken Rosenthal has a report over at The Athletic, and when Ken comes whistling on something; it’s as close to legitimate as one can hope for. Consider this the most comprehensive, up-to-date Harper to Los Angeles update we have as of press time.

Moreover, Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers interest in Harper is very real. However, it comes with a couple conditions:

  1. The Dodgers want Harper on a shorter, less than record setting contract.
  2. Los Angeles prefers a shorter deal with high average salary per year.
  3. This type of contract would create luxury tax issues for the team in 2019.

Here is what Rosenthal said exactly:

The Dodgers are widely rumored to be in on Harper, but the reality, according to major-league sources, is that they do not want him on a long-term, record-setting contract. A short-term deal with a high average salary and opt-outs might hold more appeal, but such an agreement likely would create luxury-tax issues for the Dodgers in 2019, and the team already has too many outfielders.

Then, one might wonder if Bryce Harper is interested in the Dodgers. Much is out there about his supposed interest in playing in the City of Angels. A friend of Dodgers Nation Michael Duarte tweeted that from what he hears, the interest is mutual.

Equally important is Harper’s interest – he might be willing to tell Scott Boras he will play for less than a record-setting contract if he feels like he’s in a place he wants to be. Furthermore, it would give Harper an instant chance to start winning championships and start playing for his next contract.

We will continue to update this storyline as it builds in the coming weeks and months. For right now, the Dodgers look to be in the driver’s seat as much as anyone in regards to the pursuit of Bryce Harper. It’s simply a matter of the two sides coming to a deal that makes the most sense for each party involved. Win-win business is the best type of business. Both sides surely understand that.

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  1. Question is, how many years would Dodgers offer? 3 isn’t likely to get a deal done considering Harper has a 10 year, $300MM offer on the table from the Nationals (although I understand that it includes significant amount in deferred money which reduces the value below $300MM). 5 years for $200MM and opt out after 3 years? Perhaps.

    1. Guys is it just me? Harper has hit bellow .250 on two of the last three Seasons???? Where is the Superstar? If you compare Puig’s offensive numbers are similar and when it comes to Defense Puigs arm is better. I just don’t see the Buss on Harper

  2. It’s smart to offer a deal that we can live with, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a lot of legitimate interest. They probably have made all kinds of offers for players knowing most would be turned down, but hoping someone would take it. No I don’t think there is a high enough level of interest to gamble on Mr. Personality.

  3. I’d spend that “Harper money” on a trainer(s) that can teach million-dollar, MLB professionals how to hit where the players ain’t. Or hire Maury Wills back to teach what bunting is. Nah. Makes too much sense.

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