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Dodgers Rumors: Team Resurfaces In Connection To A.J. Pollock

A.J. Pollock’s name in connection with the Los Angeles Dodgers first came to light a week ago. Buster Olney mentioned Pollock alongside Bryce Harper in the Dodgers’ free agency pursuits.

Now, Ken Rosenthal is dropping more nuggets that indicates the Dodgers’ interest in Pollock may still exist.

For the moment, the team is committed to Cody Bellinger in center, but A.J. Pollock’s ability to play that position might actually make him a better free-agent fit than Harper, provided the Dodgers indeed trade other outfielders. Pollock has not played more than 113 games in a season since 2015, but the Dodgers – due to their depth and versatility – could withstand his absences more easily than most clubs. He would be the position-player version of left-hander Rich Hill, valued for bursts of excellence in limited action. And he would be considerably less expensive than Harper, likely commanding a contract in the three- or four-year range at around $15 million per season.

The Dodgers then could pursue Arenado or Rendon next offseason, possibly moving Justin Turner to first base in 2020, the final year of his contract. The Cardinals face similar choices — Goldschmidt is entering his walk year and third baseman Matt Carpenter his final guaranteed season (the team holds an $18.5 million option on Carpenter for ’20).

Equally important is the connection that the Dodgers could have to third baseman like Arenado and Rendon as soon as 2020. The equation of Pollock playing center does make the solid Pollock an attractive option. With the depth and personnel the Dodgers boast, Pollock for 130 or 140 games would be adding a solid weapon.

What Would Pollock in Los Angeles Look Like?

This would allow for Cody Bellinger to slide back to first base. The question then becomes – what do you do with Max Muncy? The answer probably is Muncy plays all around the diamond. Then, Bellinger would be playing some corner outfield and giving Pollock days off in center.

With injuries and hot/cold streaks in play, the ‘problem’ likely works itself out in 2019. The greatest obstacle at the current moment is the Dodgers would need to offload one or two of Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, or Joc Pederson. For now, consider the Dodgers still ‘in’ on the A.J. Pollock sweepstakes.

Buster Olney Connects Dodgers to A.J. Pollock

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    1. Paul, again another sensible post. FRG (Clint Passillas) and I just had this talk the other day privately. Getting Belli back to 1B is a win in and of itself!

    2. Pollock wants too much money and not worth it Mike is younger and better so is Bellinger so is Taylor so it”s real stupid for MGMT to be even wasting time with this injury prone 33 year old outfielder who will be getting worse from here on.

      1. Meant kike not Mike and forget about arenado Turner still better than arenado who is good for Rockies stadium only.Forget about Harper and pollock and get another good reliever leave Taylor in center Bellinger in first Muncy in second and stop with the stupid platooning.Use Hernandez and Joc to give days off to everybody that should give them enough at bats and in 2020 let Joc take over in left field .Kemp still under contract for this year might as well use him cause he can still hit and drive in runs

  1. Dodgers have a better player in Kiké Hernandez, both offensively and defensively. Pollock with reverse splits last season against LH pitchers, injury prone, and well below average offensively when he is not playing in AZ. Oh yes, and his defense took a step back in 2018. Puig would be better than Pollock in CF.

    1. Well, no great loss if in fact Pollock goes elsewhere. I recall how he called Dodger pitching both in AZ and in DS.. But you and all of us know that Hernandez will mainly be used as the super utility guy and would not be given an opportunity to play in CF every day. Dodgers may keep Kike in that utility role also as a result of his PS and WS performance. My main thing really is seeing Bellinger back at 1st base to be honest. I am not so sold on Muncy as others may be.

    2. Hi Socal………
      If the Dodgers keep Puig in right, put Pollock in center, let Kemp/Pederson/Hernandez/Taylor platoon in left as usual, this makes a lot of sense to me………letting Bellinger play first, with Freese/Muncy as alternates in Dave’s constant line platoons, this works well. Pollocks injury history……..that is the one negative I see in this signing, but we have the horses to cover for him if he misses time. I feel the Dodgers really are not interested in Harper, but this (Pollock move) is a better use of payroll space than wasting long term mega money on Harper……..and he fits in our clubhouse mantra. I like the idea.

      1. Hey Bluz, great to see you! I just can’t get past Pollock’s home field and road splits — he is less than average across the board — and injury history AND he is asking for All Star pay. If Bellinger is moved to first base then trade Muncy for a second baseman like Merrifield and move Taylor to CF full time.

    3. Pollack sucks sign Harper leave belli at 1st dugo in center Peterson in lf sign lamahue to play 2nd & use muncy hill woods Kemp puig & whatever minor leaguers u have 2 make the trade 4 kluber or bouer and upgrade the bullpen

      1. Everybody here has opinions, all geniuses!! The thing is , who is the next Taylor or Muncy???? Did not see that coming, right!! Not in on Harper!

  2. Not exactly sold on pollock, but I 100% agree with not signing Harper this off-season to make a run at Arenado next off-season. Dude produces 40 2B, 40HR and 120 RBI along with batting around .300 every year for the last 4 years! That is the consistency that the Dodgers lineup(every lineup) needs.

    1. Arenado’s 2018 slash line away from Colorado: .248/.325/.447/.772 Very similar to his career slash line away from Coors.

      1. Nope! SoCal doesn’t know anything he’s thinks he’s a know it all. I’m the one that knows it all I watch minor and major league baseball all day I study every baseball player out there I know about every club and FO. I also watch Fox News all day and believe everything Trump says so that automatically makes me more intellectually superior and trustworthy.

  3. WOW. I did not realize this. I did realize the home/away splits of DJ Lemahieu. This is something to keep an eye on.

    1. good to see you Aarlan. Some rough weather recently for you and looks like more on the way. Hope all is well.

  4. Pollock wants too much money and not worth it Mike is younger and better so is Bellinger so is Taylor so it”s real stupid for MGMT to be even wasting time with this injury prone 33 year old outfielder who will be getting worse from here on.

  5. Sign Harper go sign lamahue to play 2nd then trade Kemp puig woods hill & muncy cause he won’t come close 2 last year production & what ever minor leaguers (outside of Ruiz which I say should start this year and verdugo who should be ur everyday center fielder) 2 go out n get kluber or bouer and upgrade the bullpen

  6. I don’t see the connection to signing Pollock and making a run for Arrenado or Rendon. Just becsuse he’s less money than Harper is a straw man argument. How about not spending any money for another outfielder we don’t need and having Kemp/Verdugo in left, Bellinger in center, Puig in right, Taylor/Kike as backups. Not a bad outfield, and realistically we can’t trade Kemp, and we just need to trade Pederson, Wood and a minor leaguer for Merrifield. One additional trade or signing for a catcher and we’re ready for Spring.

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