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LA Dodgers Fan Adds Insult to End of SF Giants’ Season

Add one more win to the Dodgers record season. Just before wrapping up their rough 2019 campaign, the Giants and Oracle Park gave away a brand new Toyota RAV4 as part of “fan appreciation day.” However, in true Giants fashion, they screwed it up.

They ended up handing the keys to a Dodgers fan.

This shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise in all honesty. All it took was one look at the crowd to notice the sea of blue that engulfed San Fran’s home ballpark all weekend. But the fact that it happened to the Giants makes it absolutely hilarious — even more so for Dodgers fans. It’s like the icing on the cake that was this season.

You kind of have to feel for Giants fans, though. Imagine going through your favorite team’s third consecutive losing season and on top of that, you have to see your team give away a car to a fan of your biggest rival. Tragic.

The Dodgers finished their season going only 12-7 against the Giants. However, where they won biggest is in successful player clap backs, stadium trolling, and now a Dodger fan winning a giveaway intended for the home faithful.

Congrats to the winner of the Toyota, though. No better way to break in a new car than the six hour drive home to LA.


  1. Andres, I hope you you keep this same energy throughout the playoffs. I got a sneaky feeling it’s going to be hard to.

  2. But you realize that your Dodgers will choke again when it counts, right? It is us Giants fans that feel for YOU. Good luck in the post season.

    1. I don’t think the Dodger “choke.” It’s more like they just get beat and especially, out-managed.

      1. Indeed, Dave Roberts always gets out managed.
        The last 2 World Series he was made a fool of.
        I can’t understand why some think he’s brilliant. He’s a hack and all knowledgeable baseball people say the same thing.
        He’s blessed with a team filled with talent, a team that wins in spite if him, not because of him.
        And just look at the best record the Dodger should have had. But no, Roberts was ridiculously fiddling around all year with the lineup, and then there was the catastrophic Joc Pederson at first base which went on & on.
        Should I mention the absurd insistence of using Jansen as closer?
        And why would anyone play Jed Gyorko? The list is long.

        Let’s hope the Dodger just over power their opponents in the post season, effectively leaving Dave Roberts out of it.

    2. Bucky Dent, Mickie Hatcher, Ozzie Smith, Bobbie Richardson, Mazeroski, and others through the years have been unlikely post season batting heroes. And how about for us? Claude Osteen wins his start in ’65 after Koufax and Drysdale both were beat? A good pitcher, but an unlikely hero. Or Kirk Gibson who could barely walk? Getting to the Series is tough, winning is tougher. Good players have to be on their game; and average players always seem to turn into all stars. David Freese is one. Choking? Nope.

    3. Even if the Dodgers do end up existing the playoffs early, it’s better to have been in the playoffs than not all… Go Dodgers.

    4. Sue when you root for a garbage team like the Bay Area Goobers we may not win but at least we got there. From the Giants riding on the Dodger’s coattails when they came to California to the Dodgers having FIVE World Series titles to the Giants three, to the Dodgers outdrawing your heroes both at home and on the road the list just goes on and on. Oh and how sweet is it when your team had the biggest cheater ever in the sport Baroid Bonds and couldn’t win a thing. Hope he’s enjoying the Hall of Fame. Oh wait…….

    5. Why is it that you, as Giants fans, feel compelled to (bitterly) comment on Dodgersnation? Oh, that’s right… have absolutely no where else to be….your season ended Sunday. And we, Dodgers fans, sure do not feel for you. “Beat LA!” was effectively shut down by our team completely annihilating yours. Regardless of what happens to the Dodgers post season…whether we “choke” or not….we will be there and your Giants won’t. Good Luck rebuilding!

  3. The Dodgers turned the Giants into Pygmies with a sweep and a sweet sendoff got Bochy. What a poetic justice!

  4. Kershaw’s hat-tip to both Bochy AND MadBum says it all. Fans can talk trash if they want, but those who perform at the highest level of any endeavor, know when respect is earned. Baseball is just better when both the Dodgers & Giants are in the thick of it. Now let’s go get Kersh his ring!

  5. Bochy crapped out by not playing Bumgartner.
    He knew Bumgartner would get hammered.

    I lost respect for the under .500 “hall of famer” Bochy.

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